cards in red are PC or tradede all others avalaible


Signage T. Daniels
Voice of the game/349 M. Cage PC
Threads signatures /99 C. Butler

Jersey Authentic Threads /199 J. Wall


High Flyer century Proof red /99 D. Jordan
Base century proof red /199 OJ Mayo A. Stoudemire
Panini Threads LTHR RC Elfrid Payton, T. Ennis TRADED

Floor generals M. Carter Williams D. Lillard
Legends J. Jones
High Flyers P. George
Talented Twosomes D. Lillard/ L. Aldridge
Inside presence J. Hill
Centuy Greats J. West S. Pippen, W. Chamberlain

Threads 15/16

Threads signature D. Russell
Auto S. Novak

Jersey /199Triple Threat L. Aldridge, J. Henson

RC M. Turner PC, J. Young, J. Simmons, J. Richardson, P. Connaughton, A. Harrison, S. Johnson, B. Marjanovic, S. Dekker, S. KaunB. Portis
Leather RC J. Young, J. Grant, F. Kaminsky M. Harrell

Base Rc century proof Red/99 M. Harrell
Base century proof Red /99 N. Batum
Players decision Century proof red /99 T. Duncan


Team Threads Kawhi Leonard, K. Oubre
Floor Generals J. Teague
Century Greats W. Chamberlain K. Malone
Precision Player T. Harris, B. Beal
High Flyer R. Westbrook TRADED

and some regs for both boxes