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Thread: 2017 Certified 12 Box PYT Case Break #1

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    Default 2017 Certified 12 Box PYT Case Break #1


    * This is a Pick your Team Case Break
    * The Break will be live on
    * 48 HITS PER CASE!

    __________________________________________________ _________

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    __________________________________________________ ___________
    Each Box contains Four Autographs or Memorabilia Cards, including One Freshman Fabric Signature!

    Certified Football is back in 2017 with more incredible hits and great patches. Look for 4 autographs or memorabilia cards per box, on average.
    Find Rookie Patch autographs of the 2017 NFL rookies in Freshman Fabrics Signatures. Cards feature jumbo swatches with short-print parallels and NFL Shields!
    Look for Gold Team Signatures of the greats of the game- #'d/10!
    Chase veteran oversized-patch autograph cards in Fabric of the Game Signatures (#'d/99 or less) and prime versions (#'d/49 or less)!
    Find at least one Freshman Fabric Signature of the top six RPS Rookies, and one Veteran, Retired, or Rookie autograph #'d/10 or less per inner case!
    Key Rookies: Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Christian McCaffrey, Mike Williams, John Ross, Corey Davis, Leonard Fournette, O.J. Howard.

    FRESHMAN FABRIC MIRROR SIGNATURES/FRESHMAN FABRIC MIRROR EMERALD SIGNATURES/FRESHMAN FABRIC MIRROR BLACK SIGNATURES: Look for one Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures per box, on average with team logos, nameplates, and 1/1 NFL shields from the 2017 rookie class!
    ROOKIE ROLL CALL SIGNATURES: New to Certified, find Rookie Roll Call Signatures of the top rookies from the 2017 NFL Draft Class! All #'d/75 or less!
    FABRIC OF THE GAME SIGNATURES PRIME: Chase veteran oversize-patch autograph card in Fabric of the Game Signatures (#'d/99 or less) and prime versions (#'d/49 or less)!
    GOLD TEAM SIGNATURES: Look for Gold Team Signatures of the greats of the game (#'d/10)!
    CERTIFIED ACCOMPLISHMENTS/CERTIFIED CHAMPIONS/GOLD TEAM: From Tom Brady's Super Bowl LI victory to Terry Bradshaw's 1978 MVP season,
    look for 10 inserts or parallels per box on average! Find all parallels (#'d/99 or less)!

    12 Boxes Per Case, 10 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

    __________________________________________________ ____________


    Arizona Cardinals 24.99€ ----- DENNIS D
    Atlanta Falcons 19.99€ ------ SF49ERS7 (PAID)
    Baltimore Ravens 19.99€ ------ SHAUN BERNHEISEL (PAID)

    Buffalo Bills 29.99€
    Carolina Panthers 69.99€ ------ BISCHI (PAID)
    Chicago Bears 89.99€
    Cincinnati Bengals 49.99€
    Cleveland Browns 49.99€ ----- NILS (PAID)
    Dallas Cowboys 49.99€ ------- DENNIS MUND (PAID)
    Denver Broncos 59.99€ ----- DENNIS MUND (PAID)
    Detroit Lions 29.99€ ---------- RICKY (PAID)

    Green Bay Packers 59.99€
    Houston Texans 89.99€
    Indianapolis Colts 34.99€
    Jacksonville Jaguars 69.99€
    Kansas City Chiefs 69.99€
    Miami Dolphins 49.99€ ------- LD HASENBEIN (PAID)
    Minnesota Vikings 69.99€
    New England Patriots 54.99€ ----- SASCHA L (PAID)
    New Orleans Saints 39.99€
    New York Giants 49.99€
    New York Jets 34.99€
    Oakland Raiders 44.99€ ---- JULIAN KÖLLER (PAID)
    Philadelphia Eagles 34.99€ ----- BIGGIEBALLS
    Pittsburgh Steelers 49.99€ ------ SASCHA KRÜGERKE (PAID)
    Saint Louis/LA Rams 39.99€ ------ STEFAN ZILLES (PAID)

    San Diego Chargers 49.99€
    San Francisco 49ers 49.99€ ------ SHAUN BERNHEISEL (PAID)
    Seattle Seahawks 44.99€ ----- SF49ERS7 (PAID)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 39.99€ ------ ERIC S (PAID)
    Tennessee Titans 39.99€ ---- STEFAN ZILLES (PAID)
    Washington Redskins 24.99€ ----- SF49ERS7 (PAID)

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