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    Name: Bart Cuypers
    Birthday: 30.05.1980
    Place of residency/Land: Vosselaar, Belgium
    Player: Shaquille O’Neal

    Collection statistics:

    Total cards : 3314
    Auto : 80
    GU : 641
    Patch : 145
    RC year : 37
    Base & Parallel : 1298
    Inserts : 913
    Exquisite Collection : 43
    1/1’s : 19 Stand : 04.02.2013
    3314/5930 = 55,88 %

    Special Cards:

    I really like my Exquisite Collection cards because of the cool design they always have/had.
    Especially the first year 2003-04 cards are my favourite ones. As any big collector I also love to collect patches of Shaq.
    I already have 145 different patch cards, but my goal is to own 200 patch cards.
    I’ll hope to reach that number soon (maybe with help from dascardboardmembers :-D).

    Why Super Collector?

    I started collecting Shaq back in 1994, when Shaq became a superstar by reaching the Finals. At first I got some base cards and cool inserts, but soon my collection went above 200-300 Shaq cards.
    In 1998 I didn’t get any excitement on collecting anymore so I decided to quit, but I kept my collection. I guess at that time I had about 500 different Shaq cards.
    For years I didn’t touch my cards until in 2006 when I was came across some cards on Ebay. I started buying some cards and before I knew it I was in the business again !
    Over the last 6 years my collection boomed and at this moment I have around 3300 different cards. Over the last years I also visited the National Sports Collectors Convention in the USA 5 times to obtain new cards.

    Link to my collection:

    Best regards,
    Bart (Shaqman)
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