My "The National 2017 Chicago" Recap

My Recap regarding pictures and storys regarding THE NATIONAL in Chicago 2 weeks ago.

sooo, habe mir mal echt üüübertrieben viel zeit genommen und ALLEs bezüglich der show in Chicago für alle mal niedergeschrieben!
Das ganze Event war einfach UNGLAUBLICH !!

Ich bitte euch, dies alles mal durchzulesen, denn da steckt viel arbeit drin...damit ihr alle nachvollziehen könnt was da so alles abging :)

For me as a collector it was always a big dream to come to that National Card show once in my life . Every year I saw crazy recaps of other collectors of that National Show and I saw some pics and could not imagine how it can be there!
I am from Germany, we have exactly 1 Trading Card Store which is still open – and its located in Berlin!

All other Shops are only doing Online Business so you see we kinda have to get our stuff mostly online since we do not have other possibilities.

Now lets get back to the National- a dream to come true so I tried this time to make it somehow.

My good friend Helge aka cowie mentioned already months ago that he will fly to Chicago 100%- so what about me?

Since times has been kinda rough lately I was very unsure if I should do that trip or nah, but like 4 days before the start of the show I booked myself a flight ticket and what the heck!

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

I have some collectors dreams to be fulfilled so I just made it happen!

I decided to take only 15 cards with me, did not wanted to take many cards with me ….. but a couple of nice ones to make some trades if the right card appears are always in my pocket


Tuesday 25th July 2017

Its about to go down…or up….my brother Ivan (are you following him on Instagram btw?? @artis#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@) drove me to the Düsseldorf Airport and I started my trip, by flying to Frankfurt first and then from Frankfurt straight to Chicago o Hare Airport.

I ve been very lucky since the 2 ladys of Lufthansa (which I had a veeeeery nice talk with at the check in for my flight ticket) upgraded me to a Premium Business Seat for that flight and THIS WAS DOPE !!
Big Seats, Big Space….and those drinks and meals to get along with a great service…could not be more happier about my flight hile watching some movies like: The Beauty and the Beast and Get Out
In the air.

Well , so I landed very smoothly at O´hare Airport and also came out very quick through the Security Checks so I was finally in Chicago!!

So Helge is from another part of Germany, so he took a plane via London and arrived around 6 pm ….i took another flight and and arrived around 7 pm at the same airport …so it was very cool that we came almost at the same time so he has waited on me.

After checking in at the hotel we decided to get us something to eat and luckily Angelos Pizza was right around the corner.

After that we were heading into Target !! We wanted to get us some snacks and see what else they are offering

and then we saw this...

We were kinda blown away since we do not have that kind of packs at home like that so it was sure that we are getting ourselfs some cool packs of basketball (and pokemon) to get warm for that show!

Wednesday 26th July 2017

Game Day !!!
we went to breakfast and saw from the start that the hotel is filled with collectors - from young to old!.. everybody was there !!

While in the elevator , there was a guy with a Michigan shirt with his son and daughter and luckily i always have something in my pockets to give to kids .... and even more luckily i took some trading card packs FOR GIRLS straight outta germany with me so i gave her that pack of Luna Cards and some Ostwind stickers and mentioned that its from Germany ... and that boy got a pokemon pack straight outta Target which i ve bought that evening before...

we are getting warm already - everybody is looking out for everybody and they "paid" me with their hapiness :)

sooo - the show starts (for us) at 4 pm !

so what to do until then??

We decided to just chill in our hotel room and take a trip to Target !

It was a Hot day ...

and Helge put my brothers Logo Shirt on !
Represent !!

so at Target , we copped us some cool shirts ..

and some small snacks ...

and in the hallway , there was a guy going into our direction and we saw he had that NSsc Necklace and he was a Dealer - so Helfe just nodded his head and said like : "whassup " to him while passing .... so we went to the cashier counter and that guy came seconds after us there too .

so somehow we started talking and we even talked for some longer time ... we told we are from Germany and John (that guy) came straight outta Pennsylvania with the car and we have something in common - since we both travelled 14 hours !

Me with the airplanes and he with the car!

soo - we took our talkings to the outside and his friend Dan, who was waiting in the car , joined our conversation.

John is the main guy from:

Sports Card Investors Group Breaks

like i said we just ve meet us 10 minutes before BUT John and Dan are awesome guys ! We mentioned some issues that we had with our german customs before that trip and John started actively to come up with some solutions how to might handle it !
Great Guy !!

so we made a pic too

John is in front with me and Dan in the car ..

Remember : John from SCI Group Breaks , you will read about him on my last show day again !!

So - it was 2 pm and our hotel offered free shuttle drives to the Convention Center - so we decided to be there very early !

while at the entrance , Helge contacted Blowouts Finest Danny :)

He was holding our entrance Necklaces for us and welcomed us very nicely while picking us up !

Danny knew Helge already from meeting s they had before !

So - i had like a main goal , and it was to get some of my cards graded! I heard that Beckett and PSA offered on-site grading and that its even possible to get them back on the same day !

i decided to go with beckett on 2 of my cards and we already found out where they are located so that we can find them from the start!

But before we got there , Danny took us to the Blowoutcards Booth !!

Helge is familiar with some guys there and one of them is BuffiBlowout !!

Buffi is a expert for grading and sends like 4000cards in every months to be graded !

Danny and Helge said Buffi should take a look at the 2 that i wanted to get slabed and he did it !!

Big time !!

He showed me flaws that i did not noticed before and kinda prepredicted the grades like he was a grader by himself !

Thanks again Buffi and if you are reading it - scroll down to see the grades i've got ;-)

at beckett we have submitted 2 cards and paid that 75$ per card / same day service!
They told us the cards will be ready by the end of the show - so i came back later ....

but then - the show kinda really started for me !

i started going around ....

some Reeeeally nice items everywhere !!

this was a very nice booth and the tables had a nice light to showcase the cards

Then i found some nice cards at the table next to him that caught my attention.

i have kinda a side project to get me cool historic cards that are slabbed by PSA ... i prefer very low grades on those .. , so i found that booth and that guy had many that i liked!

some of his cards..

i have to admit that i forgott his name ( was it - Frank??)
so i ended up getting 3 cards of the 50s by


thats me with him after our deal !

It was his very first deal at the show and everytime i passed his booth he shouted out to his fellas around that i am his customer :-D
he was kinda proud and i heard that from him for the next 3 days!

...kinda made his day :-D...

He had a Einstein and i wanted to come back for that too but shortly after other cards took priority ;')

so , more tables.....

i gave beckett some grades to be graded - this was 1 thing ... but i had more issues to be solved !

another thing was that i had 23 open Panini Redemptions , with the latest beeing 7 years old !
So it was clear that i had to go to that Panini Customer Service to solve that!

i tried heavily to get in contact with them - emails to different panini employees did not went through , telephones calls where they ve put me on waiting line for 25 minutes and then it ended or 2 postal letters - but received No answer and was really pissed since i am totally missing that service ! I am a customer so they have to do something !
... so we went into that line...

we need some time to get to that counter so Helge and i started to talk about life ..

meanwhile , the 2 guys in front of me are talking too - and i hear the left one saying :

"blablabla... Grant Slayton"

so i ve interrupted their peace and asked:

"Are you talking about Grant Slayton?"

And he like : " yeah"

# For you all:
Grant Slayton is that guy that received that 97-98 metal universe precious metal gems green kobe like 2 weeks ago - so he was a main topic everywhere !!

so we get into a talk aaaaand...

we found out that we all know us :-D

lietuvalablas and longbomberz !!!!
i knew that from hobbykings and they knew me too so we had a great talk while waiting !

and checked some cool cards..

some 1998 flair showcase masterpieces..

aight , then it was my turn on that customer service. i have heard that you can show them your open redemptions and they would replace them immediately for other stuff.

other guys had like 2 , 3 , 4 open redemptions... and i had 23 !! with cards like a d rose prime auto patch /5 (6 years old - with a value back then of 400-500$ alone) jimmy butler rc auto , james hardrn auto ... so they should come up kinda strong , right ?
after checking my list and after writing some things on another list they offered me cards worth 250$ or a panini national black box !!
thats it - some random cards or that national box !

This was kinda a very low offer by them and i asked if its all that they are offering .. but thats it - i wanted all that to be solved so i took those 3 cards they offered me..

Grant hill spectra auto jersey /20
kyrie irving auto
kareem abdul jabbar auto patch /75

i was kinda disappointed how they valued all that and all the guys around agreed that it was too less .

but oh well ....

by the way ... This Picture has been posted by Panini America on their Twitter Account !!

I guess our Beauty & The Beast and Frozen Backpacks betrayed us ;-)

beckett - Done !
Panini - Done !

so let the Games begin !!!

i knew that there are many collectors which i have to see , which i already know from previous events and some which i would really like to get in contact with ....

all the time i was overhelmed about EVERYTHING there ... panini , upper deck , Topps ... i mean :

This is not ONLINE INTERNET anymore ... this is me at collectors biggest stage !!

And i had such a great feeling in there from the start !
First National ever but you have a feeling kinda that you belong there !
i know and love that hobby so you could just drop me into that water like a fish and i am pretty sure i will get it poppin like i'm supposed to!

I am doing cardshows in germany too and our shows are sick , dope and crazy .... They are great for sure ! Its like a whole weekend full of fun!


at our show we have like 16 Tables ... and now i am here with like 650ish ???

Just another level !

anyways , let me go further .... there was a booth which i decided already from germany that this is going to be my main booth .....

booth #370

since there are some crazy guys which i ve met before or which i would love to just meet!

Dont matter what they are thinking , i have claimed #370 as MINE BASEMENT for me , myself and kiki from the start since i knew which guys are chilling there ....


No disrespect to any other booth (before i get to you too).. but you cannot Hate on that Roster , that Team Up at #370 was just crazy !!!

so i ve went there and directly get in touch with everybody !! I mean we know as all from the internet but what a pleasure to meet those crazy collectors in person !!

we had a nice talk from the start !

Justin aka alabamaslamma , john aka spursfanattech and niten aka basketballcards4days are sooo awesome !!

unfortunately herbert aka stivsolovienna was not there at that time but he is supposed to be there the next day!
I knew him from our Show in Germany and he came straight outta Vienna back then ... kinda cool that we are supposed to meet in Chi-Town again !!

for me as a collector it was a crazy feeling to stand in front of #370 .... i mean , those showcases and table are filled with cards and those cards were ..

FIRE !!!!




then Justin showed me THIS !!!

I reacted how i was supposed to react !!
That card is straight fire !!
J said that he just got this beauty and asked me if its ok that the card has a hand numbering !?
I said :;Hell yeah !!
since i have the same card with the numbeting 04/10 at home... and he has that 08/10 aka JERSEYNUMBER right there !!

actually , there are a couple dual auto jerseys /10 of kobe in that 2000 Upper Deck Set and this is kinda the only version with a handwritting numbering !
Kobe and Garnett even have 2 versions !!
1 x with home jerseys /10 and 1 × with away jerseys /10 !

and isnt it funny that i have that away jersion 08 /10 at home while i am holding that 08/10 Home version in my hand in chicago....

ain't it funny ???

or ... maybe.... Destiny .....

imma leave THAT for later !

Well - to get it poppin a little bit i throw my cards at Johns aka Spursfanattechs Table ...

you know - the guy that has cards like THIS.....

oooor this ....

Yeah !! Him !!!

so i just dropped some of my cards at his table that ....

this one is - #priceless ...made a custom card of my favourit girl...

John is grabbing them already by the pu... by the Holders !!

I know John aka Spursfanattech of instagram and i really love his collection and we wrote a lot before so i had a lot of pleasure to meet him finally in person !
He grew up im the San Antonio Area thats why he is focused on gems of Timothy and D-Rob and he is doing more then fine !

i decided to rake some cards for him too - since he has let me know several times before that he would love to obtain some of my cards ... i knew he would love to see them in live so i took them with me for ..... we will see later.... ;-)

well - let me first drop our selfie first ....

i am sometimes different in a different way ... people that know me know it ... i like to combine things that doesnt match so i get them to match ... one of my favourit accessoires is that white glove (you see it often on my instagram pics) and John was honoured to wear it for that pic and hold my mascot Tippy ;-)
Doesnt make a lot of sense but somethings just do not have to make any sense :)

While chilling at Booth #370 - there were many other collectors that stepped by !

one of them was Matt aka GoBlue aka Chris Webbers Biggest Supercollector Worldwide !!

or another Matt and his Mate , named Matt too- straight outta AUSTRALIA !!!
- talkin about OZ- Antoine aka OZ-Celtics !!
aka Antoine Walkers biggest Supercollector!

or Zach aka bdrrr ... crazy to meet him in person too !! He has a big knowledge regarding cards!!

What great honour to meet those guys - true hobby heavyweight and i have only the biggest respect left for them !!

DajuanWagner collector came around too !! and our guys longbombers , lietuvalabas and too !!

That Basement has been loaded to the fullest by true Goat collextors - so we decided kinda early that we ALL are going to dinner together !!

somehow i do not have any pics during that 2 hour span , but that MEANS that i was very active in talking with all those hobby greats! ;-)

meanwhile i was heading to the Beckett booth like every 20 minutes since they told me my cards are going to be graded by the end of the day ... and since its 7:30 pm there was not that much time left !

so i was standing there and checked if my number is already written on that display ... but NOTHING !!!

While standing there , i just heard :" Kiki"

That was The moment when Mr. Grant Slayton aka waldorfstories aka Mr. Kobe PMG Green recognized me !
I have talked with him only before and had deals too and i was honoured to met him too!

Like i said before, this aint ONLINE anymore !! This is LIVE IN PERSON :-D

crazy !

after chatting a bit and after mentioning that dinner later i went back to our basement to chill there for the last 15 minutes.

i truly could not await it to get my cards by beckett back. They said it will be done by the end of the day but like 5 minutes before the end of the show on wednesday u still did not have them !!

so what the heck - i gave it a last try and went AGAIN to beckett and ...





number #32506 !!!

3 - 2 - 5 - 0 - 6 !!!

Thats Meeee !! Hell Yeah !!

so i've stepped to that beckett guy and mentioned that my number is on display... what means that my order is ready to be picked up !

I was kinda nervous ! that guy went in the backrooms and came back with a box!

i was just smiling , signing that receipt and i am gone !! I was holding that box while running to my basement in my hand BUT did not even took a peak yet .... i had it but waited some time to look what i ve got !

i just went back and told Everybody of our guys !:

I got them!!

I got them !!!

since i have mentioned everybody that i gave them up for grading everybody knew what i meant with ":I got it !!"

- but still have no ideas of the grades !
it was 8pm and we were kinda in a rush since we wanted to EAT!!!

We decided to go to that Longhorn Steakhouse next to our hotel ! John called a uber cab so we drove with him ....

so - Thats US in front that steakhouse !!

call it a squad aka Tha Gang!!

we splitted ourselves on 3 tables !!

count 1

count 2

and count 3 .... my table !

a crazy group !! Overload !!

while eating my salad ,Niten just dropped me this Bad Ass into my hand so my salad tastes better !! Crazy card !

Imagine ,;you are eating and out of nowhere there comes that card flying to my direction with a smiling Niten from da back of behind :-D

hehe - but let me finish my steak first !!

while talking with everybody i mentioned SEVERAL TIMES that i am the only guy in that building with a Cleopatra Card !!

y'all can have those logoman - jambalaya - precious hakuna matatas , but hey !!!

I got CLEOPATRA !! :-D

do you feel the realness ??.

but something was still left !!

that beckett box is still unopened !!

it was at the table All the time , but i remained strong to not open it Until now !!

I called the guys together to my table to do like a Live Break !!

actually - There is a Video of that Unopening ...... ;-)

just uploaded it on youtube !

please check it !

short but good "-D

and finally the 2 cards i wrote about !!

its kinda a pair and its the most matching pair Ever :)

bought 1 one of them in 2006 and the other one in 2009

back then i HAD to have it since both patches belong together !

so as a perfect pair , take this ...

matching patches on both
the serial numbers are following too 65 & 66 ..)
matching Grades !

let me spoil this !


2003/04 UD Exquisite Limited Logos Kobe Bryant 65 & 66 /75

and both Graded 9s !! ... with the right one beeing ALMOST a 9.5 ! ( 10, 9.5 , 9 , 9 )


Thursday, 26th, 2017

ok, the first 1 and 1/2 days were kinda like a warm-Up...and notw its about to go down!

I came as a visitor to that show, but also as a collector ...and since i am always very active i was very interested in making great trades and transactions.

Buying and all is ok, right?...but isn´t it kinda boring too???

I love it to trade in Person!
If someone has something that i REALLY LIKE /would like to have, then i would like to Trade for it, I have to admit that mnost of my real high ends came only through trades.
So, this was my main goal:

To get nice cards in trades !!

So, i am in Chicago... THIS IS NOT HOME COURT ADVANTAGE for me anymore, so i chosed my "weapons" very carefully!

I decided to take only 15 cards with me ...and those 15 cards are:

1996-97 Upper Deck UD3 Court Commemoratives Auto Michael Jordan #C1
1998-99 Flair Showcase Masterpiece Parallel Antoine Walker #1/8M
1998-99 Flair Showcase Masterpiece Parallel Antoine Walker #2/8M
1998-99 Flair Showcase Masterpiece Parallel Antoine Walker #3/8M
1998-1999 Topps Stadium Club Co-Signers Auto Tim Duncan – Kobe Bryant #CO-1
1999-00 Skybox Apex XTREME Masterpiece Antoine Walker #82XX
2000-01 Topps Finest Finest Moments Refractor Auto Tim Duncan #FM-TD
2000-01 Topps All Star Remnants Warm-Up Auto Tim Duncan #TRA-TD (hand-numbered 11/21)
2000-01 Upper Deck Employee NBA Title Threads Auto Jersey Kobe Bryant #KB2000 (numbered 246/300)
2002-03 Topps All Star Remnants auto Shooting Shirt Tim Duncan #TRA-TD (hand-numbered 21/25)
2003-04 UD Exquisite Limited Logos Auto Patch Kobe Bryant #LL-KB (numbered 65/75)
2003-04 UD Exquisite Limited Logos Auto Patch Kobe Bryant #LL-KB (numbered 66/75)
2007-08 UD Chronology Rookie Auto Kevin Durant #215 (numbered 52/99)
2008-09 UD Radiance AU Standard auto Michael Jordan #AU-MJ (numbered 05/23)
2012/13 Panini National Treasures Basketball Champion Signatures Shaquierlle o Neal – Kobe Bryant auto (numbered 04/15)

i have some of them as doubles (or triples) so i am able to trade them if the right card appears, some others are like tradebait and some others are strictly PC material.
But you never know.......

So, this is like my ammonution and now i am ready to start!

On the first National day i was already looking around a littble bit, met some guys and checked some booths...i knew that i was limited with my 15 cards but i also know that i would be able to get almost every card that i would like with the cards that i have (if i am willing to let them go...)

Before i came to my main booth #370 yesterday, i stopped already at the booths of : Mc-Sportscards (Mike) and rbicru7 (Ryan)

I knew booth from instagram and it was nice to meet them in Person. Their tables were next to each other and their showcases were filled with goodies !!

at Mikes table, i saw a pair that i wold Looove to get! He told be about the values and i was hellavue cool with it, BUT somehow i did not wanted to pull that trigger that early, before i have not checked most of the other tables.....

i am talking about that Lebron - Jordan Pairing ...really like those pics and that are both numbered to 23 ...i said i am very interested in them so i will check again later -..but also that he do not has to reserve them for me.....

But, thoose 2 were in my head for the first 2 days of my show....

So now i really went into that "i m gonna take a look" round and what i saw as terrifiic !!

i will let some pictures speak.....


i am interested whatever is really cool and every table was loaded...i really did take my time for that first walk around and spoke with many sellers...

then, i saw a old Lady sitting at a beautiful arranged booth ....

"Ladies of Baseball" ...a League of their own .... THATS what that banner behind her said.

so i ve struggled my way upon her and asked, politely who she is and what she is doing :-D
I have kinda no clue of baseball- but i saw also a "Hall of Fame " sign . ... so .. i gotta come up with big respect and interest towards that lady and her husband, who was sitting right next to her.
It has been a very interesting talk and when i said that i am from Germany it started to get even more interesting, since her husband has been in Germany several times before.

I had a Tie and a white glove on, thats why they called me "Gentleman", so y´all know what kind of elegantz talk we had :-D
I said that i appreacie her beautiful arranged booth and her sitting there the whole day and would like to get a autobiography of her.
She was selling her books for 20$ so it has been a no-brainer to get me one and she even wanted to sign it for me....

she also gave a trading card of her and autographed it for me too....

then i said i would LOVE to take a picture of her with me, so we ended up like that ...

gotta admit it has been one of those highlights at that show (no disrepect to all those other highlights tough)

so i went again through all those booths....

and i ended up at basement 370 again!!

Robert / roargan was chilling there - he is cool as Fuack and i ve met him already the day before --- he is chilling his life to the fullest and i saw he had a box full of cards under his arms i would like to see what he got!

...and WOW ...he killed me from the start ...

he took 2 97-98 fleer ultra masterpieces /1 out and i was like "woooow !! THATs the caliber of cards i reeeally like !!

so he continued in Destroying me !! every card was sooo cool!! i told him i HAVE TO make a picture of those cool cards and i DID

just take a look at this !!! :-D

so after i a small talk i kep strugglin around and i ended up making this hellavue selfie with:

Matt aka gobluematt and lietuvalablas ....#selfiegamestrong


but suddenly..........there was a BOOTH which was loaded with the sickest cards you can only imagine!!
Mostly michael jordan and lebron james high ends and i was just drooling over these cards!!

I did not even remember exactly...but i think the guy, who was sitting at the table said: "kiki "
so i finally looked at that guy and he said he is : Gerald ....
so it all made some sense now....Gerald, big cards...its GMONEY Time !!

crazy while we are introducing ourselfes i hear "kiki" again ...i was kinda blown away from all those cards at the table for real and i did not event noticed thjat guy next to me !!

So i looked at him too, and it was SPINOTRON !!

i mean, i know him but in that moment i kinda had only eyes for those cards.
I have met with spinotron twice before (once at kobe Bryants very last Game in Los Angeles and once in Germany)
To me, Spinotron is kinda UNREAL..his collection and his passion ....sometimes there are guys that are saying that i have some sick cards...but if we take it to the next step i will have to say that spin´ has THOSe DREAM cards the very best of the best of the bestes best !

But what a cool destiny to met spin and Gerald at the same table and i did not even noticed both from the start...

by the way...Gerald and his cards.... #stunning

so i went around again......

and met

Grant Slayton !

we are randonly meeting us everywhere here and there, but this time i said WE HAVE TO MAKE a we did !!

Since grant had the sickest box with him, i choosed one of his gems to hold in that pic.....we both decided to showoff some 97-98 kobe Fire !!

so i went around again

Helge mentioned then that Bill Cartwright has a signing and photo session at the moment so we went straight to that event too!!

I do not care about mike Tyson, dr. J. or whoever…..i was sooo glad to meet and great BILL Cartwright!!

And I ended up with this autographed picture !!

Big thanks to HELGE for your help, aaaaaaltaaaaah !!

Then ended up at booth #370 and there are kinda always Familiar guys around ..every time i stop there there are guys that i know (via username, instagram and all that ...)

so at first i decided to leave my 2 freshly graded limited logos at Nitens aka basketballcards4days table , to be showcased .
Niten has some crazy exquisite gems in his table and i thought my kobe LL would fine in there very well...don´t you agree ?? :-D

Thanks giving me some space on your table Niten, i highly appreciate it!!

so i had some great talks with joe aka spauthentic 84, matt aka oz-celtics , alabammaslamma aka justin and i have got to meet Nate aka ibuyselltradecards (instagram) we are following each other on insta and its always sooo nice to meet those guys in person!!
Nate came with his cousin Jackson, so i was forces to drop that selfie of our Gang again !! i wanted to go to that other direction a little bit ...i was more in 1 corner all the time, but Zach aka bdrrr said me all the time that i have to visit him at his table i did !!
i was kinda really crowded and zach and the guys were all in talks with customers / collectors so i snatchjed some pics and what i saw again was UNREAL.

But there was a guy who had a table together with Zach and i went crazy again, when i saw that stuff!!

i saw soooo many crazy cards everywhere...justin, Niten, Mike, Ryan, Gerald !!! ...Zach´s was loaded too!°


just look at this !!!

so i managed to talk to that guy and it was Marc aka wegotstock !!!

CRAZY – he really had cards THAT I KINDA NEED!

Other tables had cards that are sooo adorable and card which I would like to have in my collection, but he did have like 3 X 90s kobe cards which i am still missing.

so i was honoured to met him, since we know each other through our names too !!

Since i was kinda shooked of ALL THOSE sick cards i decided to chill down a bit and reflect what i saw at the tables and what i would like to really get me ...

So I took a round to slow down a little bit….oh well…slow down… look at those…

i had 15 cards with me and so far i did not even started yet!
I am always open for everything so i already thought about some offers that i would make some guys to get that or that card.
The cards that i would love to trade for are Fine, but i have some Fire in my pockets too so the talk is very open....

so, at first i went to my main booth #370 again, and i saw that John aka spursfanatteck was talking with a guy....

Since i was standing there, John Introduced me to him and his name is Brandon !

John mentioned that he has some crazy kobe he just started to open some card boxes and THIS WAS IT !!!!


Brandon showed me a card i was looking for like for 17 years !!
And now, there is a guy standing next to john and he tolds me that i should take a look at his stuff !!

I really went crazy a little bit, because !

When i came to the show, i told and showed my guys a card i was looking for since 17 years...and i really hoped to find it at the National!
This card is not even a masterpiece nor its the most expensive one, but since 17 years i felt in love with that card - but somehow never managed it to find / get it!
Spinotron has a very nice project by the way- he gave me some questions and i answered them from my points of view....... in that interview i am even mentioning that i would prefer THAT DREAM CARD over a PMG Kobe Green right away....even though its only worth 1 /10 of that pmg green ...for me as a collector, i do not collect because of value but because i really like cards and THAT card has such a nice design...

well, with that beeing said, Brandon is a big kobe collector too!!
So he showed me more and more of his cards and he was loaded for sure !!! he showed me cards that everybody would go crazy for (am i right, John, Niten and Justin ;-) but i only had eyes for my Dream Card!"!

by the way- i will not write here which card i am exactly talking about :)

so i told him THAT i have to GET that card..everybody told it, since everybody knew that this card belongs into my collection (no disrespect to his collection - but i am looking like 17 years for it :-D )
well, we we are speaking a little bit and i found out that this is the card actually where he outbid me on ebay !! ...and we have checked other cards and he outbided my several times !!
so he is always 1st winner, i am kinda always 2nd and Niten involved him into that discussion too and mentioned that he was like always the 3rd high bidder !!

what a crazy round- i am chilling with guys who i have bidding wars with , hehe- but its all cool since i still got all of my weapons together !!!

so i started my first tradeoffer- i do consider it already as a very fair one ( FOR REAL) but it did not made him do it ...then i pulled the trigger and offered him straight up my UD3 96 MJ CC auto for it!
at first i mentioned , that if i am giving you that he will have to add something to it- but then i threw that away and said STRAIGHT UP..MJ auto vs THAT card.
I mean i am looking for it since 17 years and i would just love to have it so that i can sleep very quietly.
....after some thinking he said he will come back later and will think about my trade offer ....i was very glad that he is considering it ….. and I thought all the time:

"He has to make it, That MJ is the stronger card..."

or "my brother Ivan will kill me for that trade "

just thought things like that !!

i was talking with my guys about THAT and everybody was kinda hyped that my dream card finally appeared in front of me - most guys said that he will do it anyway, since you just cannot Deny that MJ auto...well, i hoped it ....

i did not moved for like 2 hours since i was waiting for him at booth #370 !!!

In the meantime i started to Trade-Talk with John already about some potential trades - but still have to wait for Brandons Decision first.....

So he came back, and explained me that he would not do that trade, since he would regret giving away THAT card..

i was kinda disapointed to say the least- very dissapointed that it did not went through.
It was kinda too bad that it wasn´t at one of my own shows..i would have come up with other cards too to maybe let him overthink- but like i said, it wasn enough to made him do it.
But its all good - i know how it is oif you regret giving away 1 card you thought you would never give away so i am understanding it.

It is what it is and thats it ....i was kinda disapointed but could not change that anymore...

by the way- at our talking Grant came by too and checked >Brandons cards too....and Brandon has some card which are dream cards for all of us..

by the way...John and grant at that time....they somehow arranged a deal for another beauty too…

ok, but lets go on !!!

I did not managed to get my DREAM Card, okay....but i knew somebody who i MIGHT Give the chance to get his dream card of me !!!

John, one of the best and nicest guys you can think of has a great taste with his cards - he told me that my posts and some of my cards are the reason that his collection looks like it today!

I highly appreciate it!!

well, i took a card with me straight outta germany to show it to John! He wanted to arrange a trade with me for like forever, but somehow he did not got me .
But this right here is another situation have to understand that some cards belong to some collections!
I am side-pc´ing Tim Duncan and i am doing pretty good ...but for him, TIM Duncan is his main guy so it would look nicer in his then in mine collection.
He also mentioned several times that he is looking for that card like forever and he really wanted it!!

if i am not getting atleast the cards that i want, then try make sure that another one is getting them, right?

its about looking out for each other, so John came up with a very fair trade offer for my 2 tim duncan auto jerseys and after some small changes i ended up with these 3 gems !!!

1997-98 Topps Chrome Refractor RC Tim Duncan PSA 10
1998-99 Skybox autographics Tim Duncan
1999-00 Topps Lonestar signatures Tim Duncan

and he ended up with 2 cards that started a lot for him in that hobby and i am glad that they are both in his collection now !!

He received 2 TD auto jersey…and I received 2 >TD rare autos witch a PSA 10 chrome refractor rc ….cannot go wrong with that !! :)

I hope you can post the cards later too, John :)

aiiight, so 1st deal done !!!!

now i am warm and ready to take some things over ...its like with a girl: if you cannot get your dream girl, dont worry, there are still many other nice girls left - so now i was kinda open minded for trades and all ....

meanwhile is spotted ….

A veeeery greeeeeeedy Joe aka SpAuthentic84 touching Johns cards !!

Look how greedy he touches his cards !!°

What is you doin Joe ??? :-D

keep you hands with you !!° ��

so…….i am in the mood to move some things!


I was speaking with justzin all the time and he has some crazy things I would love to have…..

So I thought to myself:

“Why should I go eat outside when at home (booth 370) is enough food for years !!”

…or how Niten would say it: …basketballcards -4 - days……

So I mentioned to Justin – that when he is done with his talking I would like to get tight with him ��

Since he would like to get “tight” with me too we agreed booth to get “tight” right now !!

The time has come- I want to trade- he has some stuff that I like and nuff said !!

So I gave him my small stash and told him that he should show me everything that he likes……me, I had TOO much to choose from his table, but I already had some favourits which I would like to go for.-…

Justin, this deal was kinda too quick, right?? :-D

After checking some values of some cards we kinda arranged a deal…worth like 7k…for like under 1 minute!! I right ???

THIS has been crazy and I have to admit it was the fastest most professional and easiest trade with that kind of value that I ever had!

I gave up…

My kobe employee auto jersey /300
My Jordan radiance auto /23
My kobe – tim Duncan co signers

And I have received
That Jordan ionix auto
That kobe- lebron dual auto 01/25

This picture sums it up!!!

But that’s not all-..i was kinda in need of his 2000 upper deck dual auto jersey kobe-garnett 08/10 since I have that away jersey version 08/10 at home too….soooo

This card has been involved into this trade too!!

We agreed that Justin gets the same card with the 04/10 numbering that I have home and that I am getting his 08/10 right now!!

Some pictures I have made at home before I´ve sent his 04/10 out

Deal Done and it did not even took a minute to arrange all this!

Thanks soo much for that cool trade, I highly appreciate your company and that trade was kinda just ….perfect….

And Justin mentioned my brother Ivan several times …Ivan is my twin brother and he is a artist .

He has some very nice painting and has some very interesting customers…spike lee just bought his 4th picture …or just google:
Ivan Beslic Rick Ross …..Rick Ross (the rapper) stole 2 of my brothers paintings and my brother opened a court in the usa for it …more of that will be seen on TMZ and fox news soon …

Gladly I had some things of my brother with me and Ivan told me to share it to some guys….so I had 1 T-Shirt and it was a perfect match for Justin!!!

So I gave him that shirt right away, he pulled it on and here we go!!

One of my favourit pictures of the whole show

Do you feel the realness ????

Everybody was crazy about justins cards…so I spotted him talking with a customer some minutes later and wearing my brother shirt!......REPRESENT!!

So I was chilling at the booth and our guys were there all the time….spinotron, matt…so I snapped some nice pics of spin`in action

Gotta give him big respect for his knowledge and he is checking some cards very carefully…look.

Picture in picture….


While looking at my kobe LL´s again….

And dropping another selfie with kukocbitc

I decided to go on further and headed to the booth of meelypops!!

I had some talks with him via instagram and at his table before so i came back to get me 1 card !!

In the past 15 minutes I have made some blockbuster trades so I was in the undertaker / slayer mood …so lets get it on!!

I saw it from the start and i had to have it!"!

Some of his other cards by the way…

Meelypops aka Jameel and his wife took great care of me by the way - i mean whoelse i dropping a ice cold coke to a customer???

Right, Nobody !!

But Jameel is such a cool guy- so i mentioned a card that i wanted and we arranged a trade within like a minute too…

sooo easy and so excellent - boom, boom - deal done !!

I received this...

2002-03 UD Inspirations dual signatures Jay Williams – Michael Jordan ..numbered 20/275

….now…its numbered to 275 , right!
Now, how often did you saw this card??
I bet NOT very often, because there is a great story to it!
Kobe Bryant and jay Williams have a Dual Signature in the set too and that card is numbered to 275.
The interesting fact is, that Kobe only signed 252 of those card!
Michael Jordan has signed the first 23 of that set (so UD produced a special mj-jay version with numberings of 001-023/275) and Kobe started signing all of his versions, starting with a 024/275!
That’s pretty cool! That’s why that beckett label says Bryant / Williams, because Kobe is the main guy here and he signed 252 of them!

I gave up my Durant chronology rc auto /99 for iot in addition with that immaculate abdul-jabbar auto patchj /75 ….quick and easy !

And of course our selfie !

Pretty cool guy and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me !!!

We had around 8 pm already and the show comes to an end , we (our group) decided to go over the street to go to…

Jimmys Tradenight !!!

Jimmy aka Kentuckybasketballcards seems like one of the coolest guys out there and he arranged like a after-trade-meeting for kids and everybody to have a great time when the national is closed!

I definitely HAD to be there to met Jimmy in person and to have a great time!

So we came in and it was loaded with my kids and collectors…cold drinks…some snacks…Everything was there ….very famailiar atmosphere and Jimmy took great care of evberybody!!

When we came into that room I saw Jimmy already sitting in the middle of the room and talking / trading with some kids …..

I saw a spot at a window at the left side so we have decided that this is going to be OUR sport….:-D

At first I pulled out some cards to see what kind of trades I actually have made in the last hour!!

And its crazy…you can already see some movement….

So oookaaaay, I am pulling out my cards…so spinotron is pulling out his cards too…..


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ….proud to be able to hold one of spins favourit cards !!

But its SPINOTRON …no further word needed !

1 or 2 minutes Jimmy noticed us so he came over to say Hi!

Such a cool guy and it was sooo nice to meet him …we know us each through Instagram and I have the biggest respect for his passion and his collection is INSANE!

you can really see and feel that he is taking care of all of us and he made a perfect

Let me show you some pictures……..

so , Matt aka oz-celtics aka ANTOINE WALKERS BIGGEST SUPERCOLLERCTOR aka one of those guys with the sickest celtics pc started to talk with jimmy about Walker. AW is a Kentucky guy so Jimmy has even kinda a contact to him - it was a very cool meeting and i had a lot of fun hearing all those great talks!

Then, Matt showed me his box of cards and it was filled with the finest celtics vintage cards !!

even though i am not that into vintage i do now about all those cards and he has such a insane vintage collection of his gems...

by the way...thats Matt :)

some random pics....

zach aka bdrr and spinotron....

i was still in trade mood so there was a kid who was interested in buying!!

i had that Kyrie Iring auto i have rfeceived from >panini for my redemptions and he was interested in it ....since i had no BV of that card or any other info i told him 50 bucks.... he replied with 30 bucks ....aaaaaaaaaaight- Deal !!
So that kyrie is gone..but did not really missing it ...since >>Spencer was 1 $ short of that 30$ i was cool with 29$ too and thats the way it is :)

By the way…Spencer and me….

Sooo, this day came to a end it was kinda a crazy day…a lot of movement with my cards during a short time…have met more crazy collectors…dream card appeared in front of me and still stays a dream…and pretty cool day.!

Friday, 29th July 2017

So Helge and I woke up, went to breakfast….and waited on the shuttle to get us to the convention center…

Our bus…

It’s a great story, because our shuttle driver is a guy from Bosnia and Hercegovina and that’s like my guy!
You can see it directly if a guy is from our area …and they way he spoke- he gotta be one of us.
When I first landed in Chicago on Tuesday evening , Helge picked me up with him and introduced me….its always cool and nice to meet people from my country somewhere else cause the talk is always real-.

He took great care of us and offered several times to meet after the show so he can show us Chicago or have a dinner or something like that …too bad that we did not made it happen since we were at the National all the time and did not had much time left …but still…

Of course a selfie…Avdo with me

Fun fact:
I am born in Germany, both of my Parents are born in Bosnia and Hercegovina …and my Passport says: Croatia ….just sayin´

So…during the past day and the evening- i always thought about that Mj CC ud3 auto … that card I have offered straight for my dream card!
While we were in the tradetalkings, guys like John, Justin and others mentioned HOW perfect the condition is …just perfect!!
And they mentioned to get it graded !

Niten aka basketballcards4days mentioned it even several times (..and he liked the card anyways A LOT) so I ve followed his words and decided to get it graded !!

I have been at BGS already…and now I have planned to try PSA too!
They are offering a 1 Day Grading Service too, so I have decided to go for that !!
It was Friday morning - fligh back to germany is going on Saturday 4pm ….so I wanted it to be ready to pick up before that.

So helge and i went into that National and straight up to that PSA area…

Helge with my MJ.....

and i have even spotted a 1996 kobe scorebord auto from that guy before me.....

sooo...we gave up my card !! i have received my receipt and they told me its going to be done by the end of the day!!


so what now...since we some time at the PSA waiting line we have noticed there is a MAKE YXOUR OWN card area.....

Hell yeah !!

so lets make a own card !

we were the first and only guys in that line so they took us right now!

after checking my name a lady gave me a baseball jersey and a bat so that i look super fly on my card......

Thats Helge in action.......

and after they took our pictures we did not even waited 2 minutes and they gave us immediately our printed AND slabed PSA cards !!!

Right next to the PSa Booth, there was the booth of John from SCI Group Breaks….you know, the guy that we have met in Target !!

We stopped by and have spoken about everything – what I have got so far, my panini redemption inconvenience, about just everything …it was a great talk again and I highly appreciate that!

John is a great guy for sure !

Soo, now I am REALLY satisfied…gave up my MJ to be graded…made some nice trades yesterday…I really had a good feeling cause I already did the things I wanted to do …now I felt like I am in vacation of The National

Now its chill-mode….

So I have went around again!

Every time I am going around I saw sooo many crazy things !! look :-D


after going around i checked at my main booth #370 again to say GOOD MORNING ...and what do i see??? 2 kobe beauties......But i do not regret anything !!! :)

then i saw started walking again, at right at a table next to the cafeteria i saw my homie Robert aka Roargan chilling and trading with another i just thought: what the heck- lets see whats going on there !!

you know...this guy !

by the way- do you see that James posey card !
Robert used to work as a Ballboy for the Denver Nuggest and that Guy in the white shirt in the background left sided of james Posey - THATS ROBERT !!

thats soooo cool to be on a trading card !! Crazy :-D

The guy he traded with,, he has some serious stuff !!
i only wanted to chill ...see how they are trading and all that...and then Lionel puts out this card !!


you do not excpect anything and then they everybody is about to kill you with their cards !!


of course i am still in need of it too but i did not even tried to go for THAT beast !!

but i tried a little for one of those...

but since i did not had much of those cardleft overs i am giving up for those so i put my weapons down on that one !!

we had a very nice talk and chilled for like 1 hour or some like that ...did not arranged a deal with Lionel- hellavu guy!! -..but did 1 with Robert!
received a nice 2004 ultimate collection signatures of ray allen and gave up my grant hill spectre auto jersey /20

so no more Panini redemption replacements are here anymore- all 3 cards are traded away!

Big thanks Robert, for letting that Ray Allen go!! i highly appreciate it!!

Lionel, Robert and me myself and kik

so after strugglin around i went to Helge to the Panini Booth with something ...did not even know what he did but he was standing in line for like forever...and everytime he came to that counter the ladies counted his boxes and he went to the end of the line again...

oh helge helge helge...that glue my friend...thats glue isnt That good for you....

and i have met Zane again aka instagrams : southparkcards guy and was chilling with him here and there all the it has been selfie time again !!

while chilling around i needed to stop by marc aka wegotstock the beginning he mentioned some cards that he likes of me and i saw soo many nice ones- but too bad, to bad..i did not had the ones he wanted from the start so i wasnt able to come up strong again ......but there will be a next time !! :)

since he had a Kobe LL in his showcase too...i took the chance to take a nice pic with mine..(but tooo blurry :-/)

Need a pic with Niten aka basketballcards4days too !!

i went back to booth 370 and chilled my life ......

THEN...suddenly ... joe aka SPauthentic84 came to me and said he has something for me!

it was crazy and it was soooo cool when he showed me what it is !!!
One day before- he saw how i did not managed it to get my dream kobe card ....well, it just did not worked out.
Joes saw my disappointed and he found / bought / traded for a kobe Bryant Floor card ...and wanted to give it to me as a present since i did not get my DREAM (floor) card of kobe !

Man, this was HUGE !!

I appreciate it sooo much - thats what the hobby is about - looking out for others and he did big time with that small card.

I have it of course already- but from this day this card is very special to me "!

i wanted him to sign that gem...and he even added a numbering to it!!

I was truly speechless !

let me drop Kanye Wests lyrics in Talib kwelis - GET BY Remix first- to honour Joe !!

"It's somethin' about that Nina Simone's piano flow
It's like a Michaelangelo painted a portrait of Maya Angelou"


i do not need my dreamcard anymore..i have This one :-D

also matt aka gobluematt thought about my brother walker collections and wanted to add this one to that collection too!!...its sooo much appreciated !!

Thank you Matt ��

so i went around and of course i had to check with my guys from the very first look...mike and ryan !!

i wanted to check if they still have that Jordan Lebron pairing i was interested in but of course it was gone...too bad...but okay !

so i saw if we can trade something else...i let Mike pick some of my cards i had left and he choosed that Finest moments refractor auto of tim duncan ...since i ve put a value of around 700$ on it i was able to choose something for that amount- we found a card who was fitting that that 700$ level perfectly !!

again a very easy and nice trade - just perfect!!

i ended up with a 1986 fleer michael jordan rc psa 4 ....

and our picture !! it was really nice meeting you guys and i appreciate it a lot !!


then, Herbert came to me and said that he has reserved a table for us at 5:30 pm at Gibsons...

but before we went to eat…I had to check my PSA order !
what about my 96 ud3 mj cc auto ??
when I checked the status at the booth I saw that my number was ready to pick up !!

Hell yeah !!

The PSA customer opened the PSA box in front of me to check if everything is fine…..

…and yes- it has been VERY FINE !

I was smiling from then all the time cause I was very happy with the grade !!

Herbert and I made a stop at Gerald booth to show him the freshly graded card !!

Then Niten passed my way …and he just shouted:


Then Herbert took me to the Booth of Eric aka BuyNice Cards !..i will have to admit that I somehow overlooked it all the time and I am sooo sorry for that ! :-/

We wanted to showoff that Mj a little bit..and there was another guy..he is called exquisitze3030 on Instagram and it was Jamison Long !!

Man, those guys had some fire cards in their showcases and Jamison showed me a card which I am really interested in…but it was too late to come up with some big trades anymore….cause that MJ cc is currently not going anywhere ��

Anyways – back to the topic ….Jamison..Eric…next time we will do something big !!

But yeah…that MJ…..its a POP 2

Now I was satisfied and ready to eat !!
Gibsons is one of the nicest restaurants in Chicago Area , just across the street of the Convention Center!!

He reserved for us, and we : Justin, John, Joe, Herbert, Niten and me went to have a superbr dinner ...i decided to TAKE THIS !!

and it was like the best Steak i ve ever had !! sooo delicious !!
Justin had "Birthday" on that day so it was a big show! all waiters came together to give him best wishes and the whole interior and service was just perfect!

Very good choice Herbert !!

since it was still kinda early we decided to go to Jimmys Tradenight, AGAIn !!

Niten with some goodies !

and of course Jimmy came over to welcome us again ...its such a pleasure to be with him and he has such a good energy !

Awesome guy !!

Herbert aka stivsolovienna - we needed to get a pic with him too!!" me pic´ collector !!

some momentum selfies...

no one is looking !!!

NOOOO ONE IS LOOKING !! Even Herbert looks away !!!

but finally !!!

"Noah Talking Cards" and his friend wont let me down !!! :-D

zach and zane

since i was still in trade mood and i still had that kobe - shaq dual auto /15 left..i decided to go for another trade !!
i could not believe what kind of high quality cards these kids had...when i was in their age my best card had a BV of like 80$ ...but ok...time is changing i decided to do something with Noah aka "Noah talking cards" (instagram name) and we dealt his psa 8 mj fleer rc for my kobe - shaq dual auto /15 + some cash !

I appreciate that trade Noah :)

So i came to chicago and TRADED for a psa 4 and a psa 8 fleer MJ rc ....mj is still around....

soo, me and my boys- that crew, our gang- we went to a elevator and there was a kid looking at me:

He asked me if i am croatiantwins !

i was very honoured to say the least..i mean, i am a guy from germany and there are people who know me ! - ..he is following me via instagram!
I asked him if i am following him too….but i did not and that changed as soon as i received a internet connection back !!

The great thing is : he is only doing Baseball ...i am not doing anything with baseball but he likes my collection and i appreciate it soo much !
Thank you John !!

I recommend everybody to check Johns Insta and hit him up with your Cubs cards !!

John and me!

so after that tradenight (THANK YOU JIMMY for that cool side event) we decided to go down to that bar to get us some drinks !

Joe and i had a big discussion about rap music and which song hast the best lyrics...its ALL good !!...but that Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck...maaan, never forget !!

by the way- my backpack.....

Saturday , 29th July 2017
Aaaaight – so I have a couple of hours left !
And you just read EVERYTHING what I have done, soon and ate !!
So I was in Chicago…ok…but when I come home I cannot say my parents that I have not seen anything besides trading cards…NO WAY!
Trading Cards 4 life- but just No Way !

So Helge and I decided very early that we will go to the pier and to that United airlines arena…to see that MJ Statue !!
So we ordered us a cab and we decided to go straight up downtown to that united airlines arena

Since Avdo, our Bosnian driver had to work during that time we have received a Greece driver with a lot of knowledge regarding the 90s bulls!
He was spitting fire…he knew everything about kukoc and all these European guys…we had a very nice talk!!

So we arrived at the united airlines center.. BUT it was closed !! It opens from 10am and it was around 9 am !!

Sooo, we went back to that cab and straight up to the pier !!

After that water session we went back to the arena and it was open !!!

That’s it!! The MJ stature- so sick to be there actually !! another mission accomplished !

Next day located there was also that Chicago Bulls Fan Shop- it was clear that we are checking there too

That’s it!! Sightseeing done! back to the convention center.
We arrived at 11:30 am and I have asked my driver if he is able to drive me to the airport later too!
I need to start to get to the airport at 01:30 pm …so I had 2 hours left!
I already took everything with me so I was ready to jump in that cab later and go straight into that airport!

When we arrived, Helge mentioned me that we have to go immediately to John from Sports Card Investors since he wants to speak with me.

I was like sure, lets go !!
So we arrived to John and it looked like he was waiting for me all the time !!
I was very curious Why he wants to speak with me so he started to tell me:

He had a meeting / dinner with some panini executives that evening before and he addressed my Panini redemption disappointment to them!
Like I said, I have met john like 3 days before in Target and he really looks out for others and he could not stand that Panini gave me like “Nothing” for my 23 redemption for some of which I am already waiting for 7 years !
That’s not working with him …even though I have never dealt, never bought from him he wanted to help me in that case !
To me it was already kinda done…but NOPE !
John spoke at that evening with the panini guys and somehow he arranged it that they agreed to give me a little bit more then I have received so far !

It was crazy !!
I did not knew what to say ! Thank You was kinda too less for that effort and I did not expected something like that !!!

We spoke for more then 30 minutes and you can even see me in the background of that live group break video of SCI !!!

you can hear and see me for the first 20 minutes and at the 22rd minute I am even going up front and let the breaker sign my baseball – which I get signed by most of the members I ve met !!

so ..the time was running and John took me to the Panini Booth and he went straight up to of the executives there ! They know each other and after a small talk the panini customer service guy comes out with 5 X National Panini Black Boxes …..

yes….5 …. !!

one is worth around 400$ and there is a 1/1 in EVERY Box !!

The Customer service also let me know that they have something nice of kobe that they are going to send me in the next days !!

WHAT THE ….. !!!!!!
This was insane – crazy unbelievable….i did not understand what just happened but John managed it to make a sad Panini customer a happy Panini customer !!

All the collectors around looked at me like : wooow, he has 5 national Boxes !!

Kinda Crazy for sure !!!

So I was MORE than thankful for that kind of effort ………. I appreciate it sooo much Mr. John Anthony !!

Guys, if you are reading this – PLEASE …here are Johns informations about his Sports Card Investors Group Breaks…Please make sure to check him out !
He left me speechless and I am not even a customer (so far) …he is a guy who takes care and who has great connections to the big companies so do me a favour and find him on facebook, youtube…doesn’t matter where…..You won´t be disappointed !!!


In addition …(man, its like Christmas) .. John gave me a Basecap and a shirt by his SCI Group Break shop !

So we ended up with this pic !

Me and John

I took 4 boxes with me and I gave up 1 to him and his group break customers !

Everybody is looking out for everybody !!!

With a lot of great news I came back to booth #370 …I mean its kinda unreal! My whole panini situation just changed (I have to admit that I did not talked that well about them after my replacements…) but its very cool now again!!
I was chilling with 4 National boxes and I wanted to break them while I am still at the show….

Meanwhile Herbert was there too, and my brother Ivan, gave me a special present for him!
Since Herbert already owns 2 original artworks of my brother he gave me one of Ivans “MJ Finals Shot” Prints ..numbered /23 …….again…everybody is looking out for everybody !!

Even Joe and John aka spursfanattech made some promo for my brother with his newest article

Meanwhile I was in tradetalks with Niten aka basketballcards4days and there was 1 card which was eye-appealing all the time to me !!
I kinda had to have it!! So finally I just bought it …like 30 minutes before the end of the show I decided to just pull the trigger and go for that beauty !!

Big thanks Niten !! I appreciate it soo much !!

So, it was around 01:08 am and I had like 22 minutes before I will have to get in that cab!

So I started to break those boxes!...a 1/1 in every box……

Aaaand I ended up with those 4 !!!!

Since I was still in trademmod and there were a lot of kids around me I just told them to offer me some cards…doesn’t matter what…for any of my cards that I have just pulled !!
Everybody had very quick hands and came up with great offers which I have just accepted !!

Traded 3 cards away within 5 minutes with 3 different guys (thank you legitcards, _cardkingz_ and soutparkcards) and gave the 4th 1/1 to another kid as a present

So I ended up with :

So it was 01:28am and I had to go !!!
Last group picture with Herbert, zane aka southparkcards, mattsbballcards, legitcards and _cardkinz_

Aaaaand I am OUT !!

After saying goodbye to all my peeps at booth 370 I HAD TO GO !!

I had such a nice time with all those guys but now its time !! I had to hurry up but the taxi driver was chilled and waited without any worries….

I arrived very quick at the airport and at the end I gave the driver my ball to get his signature on it too…..

My last driver…what a great guy….for that last drive he did not wanted to charge me anything !!

So that’s it !!

Thank you very much for your time reading ALL THIS !!
I ve put a lot of time, energy and effort into this recap and hope you like it …..and I would like to see you all at the next show and I hope you will have such a great show (that I had) too !!°

While I was in the airplane ….Helge had a great time with Latrell, Lonzo and others….

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Ich sehe diesen Bericht als meine Master / Bachelor usw. Arbeit an ...ein Masterpiece eines gesamten Ablaufs von einem kroatischen deutschen der zum 1. Mal die heftigste Messe der Welt besucht:mrgreen:

jaajaaa:mrgreen: ...habe ja lange keinen ordentlichen Recap mehr gedroppt!
Aber ungelogen, der Hier war echt hart...alle gespräche , bilder, trades usw. nach-zuerinnern ...
Die Bilder hochladerei und alles... :rolleye:

danke dir ! :) war nun kein Trip meines lebens, eher so standard :-D..aber schon krass...aus der Sicht eines Sammlers

danke dir vielmals ! Yes , vor 16 Jahren habe ich mir Regel aufgeschrieben und die 1. regel war:
"Sei anders!"
diese regeln bestehen wirklich und wenn du wüsstest wieviele Komplimente ich für diese Tasche erhalten habe :-D



Einfach nur genial und danke für die investierte Zeit für diesen super Bericht mit all den Bildern:clap:
Es ist cool mal die Gesichter hinter den ganzen Namen zu sehen, mit denen man in den Foren zu tun hat und schon den ein oder anderen Deal ausgehandelt hat.
Da bekommt man eine riesen Lust selbst einmal zur Convention zu fahren/fliegen........
Hat mich 1 Stunde und 15 Minuten meines Lebens gekostet, der Recap war es aber wert.

Die coolste Stelle im Recap :mrgreen:

"So I was in Chicago…ok…but when I come home I cannot say my parents that I have not seen anything besides trading cards…NO WAY!"
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Ich hatte den ersten Teil ja schon gelesen und das warten auf den Rest war mies. Kennst du das wenn es juckt und man sich nicht kratzen kann? So war das.

Mega Bericht. Instant Classic :clap::clap:

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