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my "Langenfeld Cardshow 2019" Recap


Hall of Fame
Soooo, its RECAP Time again”!

Langenfeld Trading Cardshow Number #16 from 11/02/2019

At first, I gotta say a big sorry for taking sooo long for this one- I am like 2 months too late with it, but oh well.

Writing such a big recap, putting all these pics and stories in the right order and remembering everything that happened takes a lot of energy of me, but I think in the end its well worth it 😊

I would only ask you one favour.

Please read this Topic if you have some time, the stories, pics and everything are taking some time and just do not rush here…we are talking about more then 300 Pics!

To get you started- PLEASE take your TIME for THIS!

At first I would like to tell you about 2 youtube Videos that were made about this show!

The first one is a video mix by me (30 Minutes fun ) …to get you hyped…just look at it first :)

Look here:

The 2nd one is made by a professional youtuber!

Got a request by Sean a couple of befpre the show of a friend of mine, SDean…did not even knew he was into youtube and stuff, be he wanted to make a video about our show and well…here it is !!

Now lets get it!

As our show gets bigger and bigger EVERY year, my twinbrother Ivan wanted to push me to get it more and more professional…he is a Artist and he told me to get stickers for that Event!

I started a insta page called: “wherehobbyhappens “ , from now on this will be the official NAME of our Langenfeld Card Show…you got the National aka NSCC as the biggest worldwide, from now on you got “wherehobbyhappens” as the biggest in Europe!

At first he helped me to design stickers!

I think like 2500 might be good for the start!

Then Ivana again, had a fabulous idea about me and that I ned a visitcard …maybe that looks like a Trading card…I mean, this is indeed cool as I am seeing those a lot of so many at the National Shows….he wanted to get me something more Unique…something cool.

As I really like to trade with EVERYONE (for reeeal, that’s my joy) I gotta put a stamp in the end of it!

Do you remember when josh from cardboard chronicles made a interview with me ?

He called it:

Kiki - "There's a card out there for everybody" | Cardboard Chronicles 28

There is a card out there for everybody…… this is the thing I believe in and I got sooo many friends, girls and everybody get excited about trading cards in my area- everybody feels and gets it – you might check Joshs cardboard chronicles interview to see why!

sooo anyways, we took EXACTLY this sentence as a headliner for MY CARD….we had the idea to get like a small certificate…a small trade approval everytime I am doing a trade or deal…..with a signature of me…..it in no way seemed to look arrogant but if you read the text its indeed a good text involving my white glove :)

Ivan designed it

You might see more pics of it as you continue reading this…if you are curious how they look in real life- lets make a trade/deal

Its sooo important to preparte yourself for upcoming events..wheter it’s a exam…a party (you gotta look fresh) or just a cardshow!

I have told my guy Chris to come over to get his booth look tested out…he had a table and he wanted to get my advive what kind of cards might be in there and can be showcased.-…so we did that

So I started to take care of my cardshow cards too….call it a mess!

But then it all made sense….

Everything ready !!

Then I wanted to make a very small but high quality SMP (self made packs)

I had the idea to have a maximum of 9 Packs and that you are able to get a MJ Fleer RC card…I wanted it to be a good SMP for everyone, that whjy you had 3 out of those 9 Packs winning with hits…

That smp looked like this

Top 3 hits to pull were

All 9 packs combined

And look at thet “kiki Cards” in every pack 😊

So…I was full cardshow ready and very well prepared!




And his girl Christina

And Ivan Djukic

Big thanks for IVAN for this warm welcome care package!!°

Hvala ti :)

I gotta admit that I am really blessed and thankfull by the feedback by sooo many collectos worldwide…in grmany, in the USA…I really appreciate it sooo much!

I am receiving some crazy GIFTS and care packages kinda very often and it gives me pure joy, it shows that collectors are looking out for another….its not supposed to be something big – I like the small stuff a lot!

Now, this show has been sooo tremendous and its been overhelming from the start regarding these “gifts” and I do not have words for that!! :)

It started with that Whiskey….but lets see what else is coming……..


1 Day before the show and a National day in Germany, what means that most collectors are arriving today!!!

You might know that I am running a Hotel, right?

For this show, my Hotel has been fullbooked within less then 2 Hours since the announcement…we have special rates (which are more then half less of the real prices) to have a attractive opportunity for EVERYONE to attend our show.

Its not about making the biggest profit, its about getting together with your friends and we are getting bigger….in the last shows we needed to get another Hotel to be a part of THIS since we needed more rooms…..

But this years show killed everything as we have fulfilled not 1,..not 2… but 3 HOTELS in Langenfeld.

You gotta understand that this is the biggest collectors meeting in Europe and collectors from 13 differend countries attended our show (with even my friend Nick from NY again)

So everybody wants to be part of it.

As I am getting the reservations and everything from all collectors worldwide, I have some booked on thjeir real names, nicknames or usernames…I took care of the whole reservation thimng because I can control it and I know the collectors- that’s why I went to the other 2 hotels for the keys early in the morning as everybody will be checked in by me and I want to welcome everybody.

As a matter of fact, this Friday before the show is always a day of full work, especially as the organizer…but oh well, atleast I am surrounded by my friends and collectors :)

Its 9am…..and They are coming

11 am…beer drinking….

By the way…..

Maybe I have mentioned before that I am attending Basketball Camps for Kids in my area since a couple of years…not as a Baller or Coach…but as a guy who gets the kids connected to cards.

In Germany there is still no way to get real sports trading cards in the shops….you can find them in the internet, of course…but most kids do not know about real trading cards as they are not getting in contact with them.

So I wanted to change that and its working…every year there are more then 100+kids and everybody is hyped about cards when I enter the building (if you are checking my insta stories you will know what I mean)

I prepare packs for every kids…incl. autos, jersey, cool inserts or shiny cards (revolution, prizm silvers…) stuff that are attractive to kids!

Jerseycards are always cool…doesn’t matter the player- but if I tell them that this swatch was worn in a NBA game you only hear “ whoooaaa” !!!

So- in Germany I asked other collectors to help me with this and if they do not need any cards, I am more then happy to take them for the kids…

The biggest supporter that I have is Pierre from Kleibercollectibles…he is sending me massive packages with brand new supplies, hundreds of jerseys and autos and serious cards and I appreciate that support A LOT !!

Packages like that

To give you some insight of the camp and the packs…here is a Picture of my guy David aka Beatmode 8you know him if you have read my last National recap) helping me with the packs….


I told you about my “kiki cards”, right?

Well, I am doing full name signatures on it everytime- but I got a exclusive “Kiki” Variation for the Kids… :)

Do you feel the realness ?


Then, my good friend Jörg aka wormsmaennel arrived !!

Well and Jörg heard me about the basketball Camp too !!!

A full box of cards for the Kids !!

Containing sooo many cool cards

Then, he presented me THIS!!

A present !”!

One of the realest books out there : loose balls

With a personal note !!

Man, thank you Jörg!! This is just awesome !”!!

Actually- I have planned to get Jörg something too!!

I have never made an Recap about my Trip of Kobe Bryants last Game or about Dirk Nowitzkis last Game…maybe I will still write that one day…but anyways…me and my brother Ivan attended Dirks 2 last games of his Career in April!

An unbelievable experience !!

Regarding his last Home Game- everyone in thje stadium found some cool items on their seats….a shirt, some paperthings and a exclusive commemortative tickets with a limited numbering…so that’s everyone attending gets a ticket to remember!

There is Jörg, a well known Dirk Nowitzki collector (he has like the first 4 years COMPLETE…and other crazy stuff) who could not attend this event…that’s why ivan and I decided to give one of our tickets to Jörg…..

And well, he was more then happy and surprised about that :)

Dirk Ticket

Shortly after Jörg arrived, JAN came around!

Jan came straight outta Berlin and a well known Nowitzki Collector too!!!

I do not have a pic, but he was the choosen one to receive our 2nd Nowitzki Ticket !!

If you are seeing my very first youtube video mix you will see me giving it to him !!

Its like a big give and take…we are giving…but everybody is giving back…..so jan had something prepared for me too!!

A very nice Dirk Shirt!!- he is selling them usually and they are sooo nice !!


But jan got more!!

A envelope for me !!

With a crazy Fiona /Shreck card !!1


Thanks sooo much Jan !!!

But it continues…almost every check in had a little something!!

Dj scorpion / sascha came around with a dope pokemon card !!!

That’s the stuff I am into- crazy cards!!

Danke dir !!

Do you know Mo aka preamcards23…a german collecvtor who started making youtube videos and explain trading cards to new german collectors…very cool and entertaining (just search for preamcards23)

Well…to be in that game too, he got a surprise for me aswell !!!

A Toni Kukoc Refractor !!!

And our Pic!

His Girldfriend …Lisa…loves cards too and she actually collects kyrie Irving!

She asked me once if I have one of my immaculate boxes for her, for cookies…and of course I gave her a box and she surprised us with delicious things !!!

And oh wait….and another one !!!

Fresh and selfmade made hazelnut liquor

Big thanks for this one to my guy Chris aka slizzero1 for surprising me with it!!!

Sooo, I thought you about those ovrhelming gifts/presents tha I have received…right??

Its soo crazy to me !

I mean, no diesrepect to anybody- everything means a lot to me for real…but the next thing is CRAZY for real and exactly my taste !!!

Patrick and his Family is attending the show everyear as the whole family…but…

Lets just check our pic!

Do you see what I have in my hand ????????? :-D

That’s kinda too crazy!!

A Kiki Micky mouse cake !!!

Thank you all soo much for that surprising present!!

A Wild pic

Titi rennais came !!

A well know Grant Hill Collector from France who attended our show for the very first time!

The crew from Austria came too….

If you remember, David has been with me at the last National and he moved a lot like Gollum and yelled “Fleisch” …Fleisch means Beef in german and suddenly someone (have no clue who) left some beef magzines at the lobby ….so I call it destiny to have David and BEEF magazines at the same spot”!!!

He is wild !

A quick selfie with Thomas /swisskobecollector

I got some Poster regarding our show and my man Dee aka scottiepippen33pc asked me for one and he wanted to get it signed by as many colleftors as possible…

Well, thanks for being the first :)

Private session at home with D and Dee :)



Hall of Fame
So the day ended very stressfull as the elevator has been damaged by thze ones that were playing hide and stop -I have told them to stop that but you cannot talk with drunk people (a little buit later it did not worked and suddenly its been nobodys fault……………………………)

In addition we hjad a serious water pipe damage at the basement around midnight which really took all of my nergy away…but I gotta tried to take care of me as the show has not even started and I needed full energy and power for Saturday!........


Its about 8:30 am in the morning…sellers are able to come in at 9 am and show starts at 10 am….i gotta be the first one of course…somebody gotta open it!

But before that…

I have asked David to sign me that BEEF Magazine for my collection !!!

David beef

Beef magazine

This piece is unique !

We have waited on the street as Ivan was about to pick us up!

David streets

Ivan …the artist has his paintings showcased too- that’s why they first started to unload the bigger pictures!”


David and Ivan chilling!

The early Empty main room

They are coming….

As I prepared my showcase…..Aaron got already hyped !!


Unlikely to other shows…you will be served by a waiter with drinks and food all the time with us!

How about a fresh coke??

Then again…a crazy small present!!!

A Dino Radja auto!!

Danke dir !!

Ivan mo david maki

Flip´hoe with some serious heat!

Flip and david

Davids heart of his showcase…the 3 spotlights of his favourit players!

My favourit pic of the show !!

David ivan

So…I have mentioned my brother Ivan beforte aka the Artist…he is very well known as…for example: he took rick ross to court in Atlanta and spike lee is his customer as he already bought 5 originals of him…..

The cool thing is, Ivan confirmed me that he will come with m,e to the next national in Atlantic City…and this will be crazy !!

If you have time- check him out on insta and give him a follow….

Soooo…sean David (the youtuber) was there and its been safe to interview Ivan first, if he gets the opportunity…so it happenend :)

Ivan interview

Dee starts getting more signatures for that poster ….my brother maki

Chris with martin and Daniel of our basketball team

Soooo….a big HEADLINE that happened several days before the show was, that PANINI GERMANY will attend our show for the very first time!!

This was huuuge !!

As we are getting bigger bigger and bigger its attractive for Panini to be a part of it too and for us its been a big honour to have them with us !

Paninis Table !

Thanks for being a part of it 😊

Round mound ´s Barkleys !!

Then I have made my real first trade with Filip !!

(a employee of mine that got attracted by cards too…..)

And I got those cool sextons and a Trae !

Approved kiki signature

Indeed Everybody was signing…..

Lisa signed dee´s poster

Nick ( NY) gotta sign it too !!

And oh yeah….do you remember my SMP 9 Packs thang??

All 9 spots were of course taken by storm

So I took me Diana and Lisa to get the packages numbered ….

You can see the video of that in my youtube video!

I think I will spoil it already and say that Daniel hit that MJ !!!

Congrats :)

Nick and filip

Then its been time for on of the main deals of that day (for me)

Months earlier I have agreed a deal with Christian aka medstudent about a crazy card ….we agreed to finish that deal when we see us…no need to send it with the mail!

Heis loaceted in Austria/ Vienna…and he finally flew over to attend our show too!!

Well, the time has come and I have received THIS from him……


1997-98 Skybox Premium Century marks Autographics Charles Barkley

Now that’s a heavyweight!!!

I already have the autographics in my pc…and now I have that pair!!

Our deal pic!

And another one!

Thanks Christian, I appreciate it!

Helge aka cowie aka fanartikelwelt.com was walking around with some heat too

He got me attracted with 2 of his cards!!

So we made at first a deal for 1…..

I got a crazy lionel Messi auto patch 1/5

But the thing that really wanted to get me this card was the back!!!

How cool is that ?? :-D

Our pic!

Thanks Helge !

Now ist getting PINK!

2 friends arrived…Markus and jen´ took care of me again and prepared a envelope for me !!!

Surprised to see sooo many cool cards !!

Exclusive cards of the Melty misfits!!

Whoooaa ! :-O

All I see is PINK!!

Thanks sooo much for this !!

In theend they went home with a box !! :)

Meanwhile…….Maki is breaking

Phil aka Riddler

Lets come to one of those Highlights of every Langenfeld cardfshow (to me)

My parents are supported us from the start with trading cards and never ever gave us sentences (why are you collecting cards)…and so on….

As a matter of fact, it’s a ritual that my father visits the show likle a boss (well he is) and its been that time again!!

At first I saw my mother……

Ivan and mother

Then my father came in and the first thing that he does is to get to Kai from Hotbox / Berlin to get Boxes !!

Random stuff to break!!

Here is a pic of our family with Kai !

Dad got the boxes

Dad breaks the boxes

Me checking meanwhile the cards….

In the end, we broke like 4 boxes…in addition I had a couple of boxes…in a random order, here are my box break resuts of the weekend !!


2019 leaf best of sports

2019 prizm premier league

2018-19 panini court kings

2018-19 panini encased

2018-19 panini encased

2018-19 panini treble soccer

And the best one !!

2017-18 panini vanguard


aKarl Anthony Towns auto 1/1

Peace out from the breaking section!!



Hall of Fame
You are still remembering that kiki Mouse cake…right??




Look who came around for a visit!1

Family Ott!

And of course we gotta trade ! :)



Sooo cool, thanks for everything )

Then i have spotted Jens aka JRrider in the corner…….

Gotta catch him from all 3 angles !!

Looking to the left …Meanwhile slizzero 1 was chilling……..

So, ok

Now lets get this!!

Expect the unexpected!

At my last cardshows I am going in without having any real expectations what I am looking for…I want to be driven by the flow…the vibe..and everything…see whats possible….

A very important fact, that I have learned for me is to collect outside the box.

I gotta admit that there are many collectors who are limiting themselves as they are only collecting that and that ….i have been like that too…until I have experienced the cardworld more and more and it started with my very first National visit!

Most tables were just all about Baseball…I do not have clue about Baseball. Its not a big thing in Germany…but from my collectors point of view I am going around from table to table and love to connect with collectors…

Well, 1 year later I have changed my view and learned a lot about the other “forbidden” areas…areas I would have never touched…for example…Vintage stuff- I have evolved like a pokemon and started to think outside that “just kobe / basketball” box…with that being said…I like to be driven and see what might be possible at every show….

At my last show I have received those pairings totally unepected…..

Last Langenfeld Show :

2003/04 UD Ultimate Collection Signature Gold Lebron james /23

2003/04 UD Ultimate Collection Signature Gold Michael Jordan /23

Last National:

2005 UD Cut Signature Babe Ruth BGS 9.5 …numbered 1/1

2006 UD Legendary Cut Signatures Babe Ruth BGS 9.5 ,,,numbered 3/3 (jerseynumber)


So here I am again….Langenfeld Show…..looking for that next cool addition to my collection….and then suddenly Jans showed me a card!!

I was like shocked…as I did not expected it at all!!

He mentioned me a price and I am pretty sure I have bought it within seconds!!

Right Jens??

A piece I was totally looking for and it started to make sense now

But wait

At first let me sign the KIKI card first…….

Our deal pic….

As a matter of fact…I have received this Box………

The Original one…..

The real card has been a redemption and that’s how panini send it out!

We are talking about the very first GOLD card ever produced by Panini!

2011-12 Panini Gold Standard 14k Gold card Dirk Nowitzki 1/1


I love gold and this one came by surprise…totally unexpected…but from now on…since Dirk has been in my possession…I got already a card in my head, which is the next one to get…….

But at first

Bobmalone aka ROB had a crazy dope card to support my PSA 1 collection :-O

Psa luzinski 1

Thanks Rob !!!

Aaron talks


So there was this guy named Kelly…he came with a Beckett Shirt…I think its not a officaly employee but maaan, he is a expert for gradind and sends in cards every month!

He is really checking cards deep and has soo many accessoires to do so!

Kelly Grading

Maki and filip are breaking

Leon and luka are loading boxes

Flips with his street worn, lost and signed shoes after a drunk party evening


Meanwhile ivan was busy all the time with his paintings…

Daniel purchased a nice piece !

Soooo…since I got that Gold dirk 1/1 from Jens…I still had some unfinished business to take care off !!

I went to Helge again and wanted to get another trade done!!

Its been very easy and quick once again……and oh well…..

At first our Trade pic…..

Then my main subject …finally landed !!!


2016-2017 Panini Gold Standard SOLID Gold Kawhi Leonard 14k Gold 1/1

Whoooooaaa !!!!

Not 1, but 2 SOLID GOLDS !!!

Never owned a solid gold before, but since I have them in hand- man, that’s a crazy serious gold card!!

I really love them!!!

That Pairing together

But lets get back…. :)

2 George Mikans 1948 Bowmans?????

Daaayum! Impossible to find 1…but 2 ??

Well, Robert aka Bobmalone took his Miklan with him to get a nice pic together with our 2 !!

So bastian from Ballers paradise camp attends our show with his daughter Lena every years too…first stop at ivans spot!

Its safe too say that we are trading too…everytime we see us 1!

Then a quick and easy trade with my man Paul aka ploeske !

And I Got this


A dope Julius erving auto!!!!


I hope you have watched my video youtube mix!

Because …this is the dirty part !!!!

My good friend Mohammed aka Bolli…you gotta love him…one of the best collectors we have in Germany…..

Well, I got a card ….lets call that card:

1997-98 skybox autographics century marks Charles barkley /100

And he is collecting that set and I think this barkley would be one of the last 6 which are missing to complete that whole century marks set…..

Well, when he heard that I have just received that barkley, it went down and its been so entertaining and loud that everybody thought it’s a fight or some like that.

Its like in a bazar…the negioating about the price was real..only that I have blocked his offers away…it was sooo much fun !!

In the meantime I let Ivan do the disussions 8check the youtube video!!)

Thanks Bolli…for trying :)

We are coming near the end…and Chris and david are still trading

Diana …she helped me the most during the show!

In the end she even took care of the garbage!

Meanwhile I have made the restaurant owner Erwin look with a card of pure gold !!

Ivan erwin and me

And so far- there is a big thing that I have not even mentioned so far!!

So, diana is a nurse…and she is taking care of especially <Children!

Last year we started getting money together for a good cause and we helped a fellow collectopr frank with his child Leo….now it’s a new show and a new opportunity!

That’s why I have decided to get the money together for Nele !!!

Diana arranged a nice Box and she was the one who walked around the collectors to get somd money…all table moneys (15 euro /table) went inside too.

So, while the show was finished, we were still there…having dinner together…and

……….Counting money…………..

…………….While eating……………..

So…the show like the show is officially finished….but trust me…nothing is finished here :-D

At first- I got a really good brain and can remember A LOT…but I am not sure who gave me these 2 cards as presents !!!

By the way.....Who got me this one ?? :)

A nice Kovacic Prizm!! (Ivan, warst du es?)

And huuuge thanks for Shaqnatic....you surprised me with a brilliant card!!

The hunchback of notre dame !!

Danke dir Thorsten!!! 😊
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Hall of Fame
After the show is the after party!!!

Sooo- I am always the Kobe Bryant collector…my brother Ivan was always the Antoine Walker collector…so far so good.

The thing is that ivan is not collecting anymore…his cards are sitting in a corner since years and it might be finally time to let a couple of team go…but lets see…..

There is Zsolt..a very well known Antoine Walker Collctor who is massively into Antoine Walker…he was going around the whole show in a game worn walker jersey and uniform…and he showcased everybody his collection!

Ivan and me took zsolt and his brother to a private session into my crib….nobody else…just us……..

Well…we started at first looking at each others collections!!

Zsolt and his brother

Crazy walkers

He got a buyback to match my mj

Well…I gotta admit, THIS IS IMPRESSIVE…the walkers that he had and the level of passion for walker is really high to reach!!!

Ivan andf them guys…..

This was a cool hobby moment to have ivan and zsolt together in my room…with my laughable kobe pc….i have felt like shit!!! :-D

And he really made me look when he showed me THIS:

2002 Antoine walker all star Game Game Worn Jersey !!!

Are you kidding me ?!???


Of course I got some kobe game worn stuff too…so we made a nice pic in the end with our boston/lakers game worn stuffs :)

We just have talked…changed some ideas- but did notdealt anything in that moment….

Its been very important to finally meet zsolt and to spend some time with him!

Thanks for being at our show zsolt…the pleasure was ours!!

But its going on!!

So zsolt and his brother left out…but there was Jörk aka wormsmaennel again…..you might remember him (Nowitzki/Schröder/Schrempf Supercollector ) and he already gave me a book 1 day earlier….

Well, there is more to come …….

At first I have thought about posting a special thread about it- but I guess right here..right now should be a great platform as it might gets more views….

Already months before the show, I got contacted by Jörg if it cool if he would create a SMP PACKAGE…just for me…..

At the beginning I diod not really understood what it could be…a self made package and I am the only one getting it?

But of course I have agreed for it- I know Jörg and his collection is crazy, complete and passionately putting together!

He mentioned that he has spent some serious cashflow for it and I have been totally fine paying it…but he then had the idea to take one of my 9 SMP Packs for his package and that would fit perfectly !!

So he got 1 pack of me…and I got a SMP BOX just for KIKI…just for me!!

Well…at first let me show you the box!!

Kiki smp box

Ist a biggr box with a picture of me (in spain at the beach) which he took for the front page…..

As I have opened the boxc- here is that Inside look

Its supposed to be a smp box just for me…but ohn no…its not that easy…jörg did it a little bit more special and challenged me with trivia questions!!

Now that was different…and I love it!!!


So there are 10 packages…ok…but before I have even opened the first package I could not believe how much work and time and took to create this!! …for me…man, I really feel honoured and appreciate such crazy things !”!!

Aiiight, so lets see whats in envelope number 1……..

A very rare and old soccer card!!!

I think Jörg has studied me and might know a little bit about my taste in cards….


He got me already with this one !!!

A 1924 Jim Herberts HOCKEY Card…of course…PSA 1!!

YES!! I love that one!!

And its just not alone that card,…at first you gotta be smart for the trivia…then he is providing you with more informations about the particular card….


A rare phil Esposito in kinda psa 1 condition…..this is sooo awesome !!

All these textsts, informations…and the card at the end !!


Numbr 4 comes unexpected!! But he writes, that a disappointment belongs to every break :-D

How cool is that ???

No disappointment at all!! I only see jordans and magics and can indeed feel the realness !!!


This spot goes to a player with grman as his name…and he has been know for his crazy attitude and behavior…just like me :-D

And hell yeah! T206 psa 1 !!! :-D


Up to 3 Questions !!!

Lets see

And this one is one of the craziest pieces of the whole weekend!!!

Expect the unexpected!!!

But for real.

I have not expected THIS!!!

A Fox tail!!!

He got it for my 3 wheeled Bike- yoooo, THIS IS REALNESS!!!

I can see me driving around with my bike and that fox tail dancing with the wind!!!


Babe….without any words!!!



So it’s a kobe card out of 2000 which I do not have???

A 2000-01 UD MVP Kobe Bryant mini card clip/key chain!!!

Whooooaaa…did not even knew that this one exists !!!

That’s crazy!!


Batman and Robin…that’s spot number 9 and I really do not have words for everything so far… that whole effort is unmatched and every piece fits my taste!1

And this pairing is crazy!!

1966…originals…both 1´s….those are getting a very special place in my pc!!

As I am opening every package, I got hyped more and more…..i could not even imagine whats in that last package

Numbr 10

Lets see :)

Ist written ist something that combines all my tastest…..something in “kiki-licious” style

I will let the pics do the talking….

Back 1

Back 2


Soooo….for real??

How unique is THAT!!

You got me and ivan in the back…you got a speeching sentence and a big glass that you could put over the body of the women….

Its not visible…but that JÖRG guy placed a magnet INSIDE that card and if you are putting the words and glass on it it will stay!!1

Like whaaaaaat?????

I see he took some insta pics for the front and back designs of ivan and me….

On the front….

Bronco tries to catch the berry ….

Bronco Nagurski has one of the most important cards in the whole hobby…and I am happy to own one…as a matter of fact Jörg has took that Bronco pic on the front..i got a signd halle berry card…so he took hr head…the white glovs in the pic are mine…and that kitzty patch….no idea !!!

I gotta admit, I am speechless an have no words for this!!

Like I said…I am overwhelmd about all these presents, gifts and stuff who are coming to me but this one is definitely next level s*it !!!

Jörg, thank you sooo much, you really made me so happy with this fantastic package !!!

Just sooo much respect!!

By the way…he had some crazy cards with him too

Det shoe


And yeah…suddenly……. he opened my smp box

Unfortunately he did not got one of those 3 top Hits!

I would have wished him everything in there…the best card has been a 2018-19 panini court kings masterpiece magic johnson 1/1

And then FINALLY…..

This happened !!!!

All 5 Dennis Schröder RC Logomans !!!!!

Jörg owns 1

Chris owns 1

I am owing 3……

All 5 are in Germany, finally we have managed it to picture them together!!

That’s sooo crazy :-D

One last pic to wrap it up!

Jörg…thank you soooo much !!!!

Ok…I had a zsolt and jörg sessions so far ….the good thing is that I am living in the hotel….its just 10 metres from my crib to the breakfast room…lets see whats going on there…

Meanwhile in breakfast room

I just went in shortly as I just took DAVID with me for the next session….

Lets start finally trading again!!!


And I have traded for !

Thanks David !!!

Pipo , Jan and David where chilling……

So lets continue with a trade with Jan !!!

And I have traded for this !

And this small trade…got me that Nowitzki fleer silver auto /250…

And completed me this finally!


And that’s it!!!

Show is finished…Saturday is finished…..i do not have energy anymore…

Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Hall of Fame

Early morning!

I was sitting early mornings at the reception sinceeverybody needs to check out…so here I am once again!!

But finite??


Hell naw!

There are cards and collectors wherever you look!!

While guys are checvking out…I am still trying to makle a trade while check out!!

Here a quick one with MO !!!

And I got”!

And another one !!°

Got a nice and quick deal with my man Bastian aka Bastibohne !!

And I have received !!

Some nice wagners and doncics….. :)

There was one last dance to be danced actually….on Saturday I saw a card I really wanted for my collection…a card I was looking to get since a longer time…I am very picky in getting cards like that as I am looking for special attributes on cards like that …..

And yeah… this would be the one ………

Benny aka chefbenny from Switzerland is the cardowner-….so I am trying to get it and gave him a box of hopefully (for him) nice cards……

Its going down as he and his guys talked about the possibilities……….

But in the end…I NEVER had any issues in trading with benny…everytime our trades are very easy and just perfect!!!

Thanks for another one Benny !!!

I appreciate it soooo much !!

Got some crazy cards…mahomes silver, dimaggio…burt reynold cut auto /17….

But that main card was still missing!.....

The back!!


2019 Topps Diamond Icons Immortal Cut Signatures Jackie Robinson..numbered 1/1…BGS 9.5/9

Booooooooooooooom !!

I needed to have it when I saw it and I am sooo thankfullfor that!!!

Thank you benny 😊

By the way………My baseball legend cut signature collection so far

Soooo, most check outs are done!!

But there is still some unfished business…..

A thing between Ivan…and Zsolt…about a couple Antoine Walker cards…..

So we decidd to go to Ivans place


His brother



And me…..

Ivan signs a artwork especially for zsolt…his walker picture !!

Just enjoy the following pictures….


Ivan writes articles every month for the biggest german basdketball magazine…he wrote a big one once about antoine walker…this one needs to be signed for zsolt too!!

And in the end zsolt left some nice cards for me too!!

Thanks man !!!

So Ivan and Zsolt agreed to a deal that boosted Zsolts collection a bit…I guess he got like 22 cards (around that)….and I guess perfect like that !

Zsolt is sooo much into walker, its meant to be like that!

A very special supercollectors pic

Jörg ivan zsolt me

And Another one……including NICK !!!

All are gone besides flip nick

As of my employees in the restaurant started with collecting, it went on just like that in the next couple of days!

A lot of boxbreaks and trading….

Filip breaks a box of contenders optic……

And Gets….

Trae young orange auto /25


That’s a card I am really digging……..so we agreed to a trade !!!

And I got!!

In the next days …we have even traded more with my guys here…..

Got a Wagner encased rc auto…..

A nice pairing here

Donovan mitrchell and Anthony davis …both rc auto jersey s

Trae auto emerald rc auto!

Pulled by my waiter…and got a trade opportunity…so yeeeeah !!!




Oh no…wait!! Still got some unfinished business ;-)

do you remember this?

Well- Save the last dance for the queen!

Diana picked me up and we are on the way toooooooo

Nele !!!

She had soo much joy to play with that money…so let her play !!

Diana , Nele and me

Its soo awesome to help others…we just did that with our friends who collected trading cards….Nele will receive some special medical assistance with that money- so we did it the right way.

A total of 925 euro were collected during the show…diana and I have upgraded to 1k straight since it’s a much nicer number ! :)

Thank you sooo muich for your time to read and understand all this…I do highly appreciate it!!

You are free to comment whatever you like, I would appreciate that a lot!

Lets all stay positive and try to share the hobby with others the best way we can

Take care and thank you



Hallo Kiki! Ein echt toller Recap! Vielen Dank, dass Du nicht nur diese Wahnsinns-Show auf die Beine stellst, sondern auch noch Tage mit der Erstellung des Recaps verbringst.
Echt Wahnsinn, was Du alles für das Hobby machst, auch die Camps mit den Gratiskarten für Kinder.
Ich hatte dieses Jahr auch ein kleines Jubiläum, mein 5. Langenfeld.
Es wird jedes Jahr größer, toller, besser und leider auch voller :eek: , aber daran arbeitest Du ja auch schon wieder...
Ich freue mich schon auf mein 6. Langenfeld in 2020!
Sauber die Aktion für die Kleene ist echt geglückt...ich und DQG haben demnächst mal vor dabei zu sein...
Kommt halt aufs Datum an da ich am 6.11. Geburtstag hab und dann immer bei meiner Familie bin...
2020 wird eh schwierig ich runde...


Servus Kiki,

wie immer ein toller Recap von einer krassen Show.

Es war tatsächlich meine/unsere erste Teilnahme in Langenfeld, obwohl ich bereits das Silberjubiläum im Hobby überschritten habe.
Die beiden Tage waren ein unglaubliches Erlebnis und den ein oder anderen Sammler habe ich zum ersten Mal "live" getroffen, nachdem man schon Jahre hier im Board miteinander getradet und geschnackt hat.

Einen riesigen Dank von Jade und mir an Dich und alle weiteren Helfer für die Organisation und den mit der Show verbundenen Spass.

Die "Hunchback of Notre Dame" waren übrigens von mir. :p

Thorsten :cool:


Must send first
Die Show war schon mind blowing,
bei dem Recap merkt man erstmal wie viel man gar nicht mitbekommen hat:LOL:
So viele bleibende positive Ereignisse, real dope shit.
Wirklich ein schöner Rückblick, Danke.


Hall of Fame
danke dir !! :) Yeah, komm dieses jahr auf jeden auch :)

erstmal gratulation für dein 5 jähriges jubiläum!! :)
echt super nice !1
ich muss echt gestehen, es ist mir alles sowas von anstrengend, bin ja eh nicht gesund und die ganze show als ganzes nimmt immer zuviel Energie von mir...gestern war es hart, hatte etwa 5 Stunden mit den Texten, feinschliff usw. verbracht...paar neue Bilder- noch die cards vergessen...noch das camp mit eingebaut, die Struktur mit den 300+ bilder hatte ich die tage zuvor bereits gesetzt- aber der endgegner feinschliff war echt endgegner mit K.O.
Aber mache das immer gertne für die community- die leute kriegen lust auf Langenfeld...lust auf National...lust auf Hobby...in der heutigen Internet Zeit müssen wir uns alle anstrengen aktiv mit treffen umzugehen und es nicht nur online passieren zu lassen.

yes !! danke dir...mit der Nele wollte ich das extra so machen, das sie das große finale am ende kriegt! :) sehr nice das du dieses jahr rundest....aber die Langenfeld show rundet auch auf die #17 auf :)

@shaqnatic ...danke dfir für dein kommen Thorsten!! Danke auch an Jadranka!
Es ist nie zu spät für ne Langenfeld Show und echt schön das du es möglich gemacht hast dabei zu sein!!
und mit der Notre Dame karte !! YEEEES !!
Nun erinnere ich mich wieder- danke dir dafür!! ich hatte so meine Vorstellungen aber nun habe ich es wieder vor meinem inneren Auge wie du sie mir gibst ! :) habs oben auch bereits geändert ;-)

danke chris!! Schön das du dabei warst...und danke nochmals für den Likör!! :) Auf der show passierte noch sooo viel mehr- das ist immer so von meinen Augen betrachtet, was ich immer so erlebe :)

habe vielen Dank für Deinen erneuten gelungenen Bericht und die Organisation der Show.
Es steckt in beiden Fällen viel Enthusiasmus und Liebe zum Hobby und den damit verbundenen Menschen (nicht nur Sammler, sondern auch Kinder und Bedürftige) dahinter.
Und Geld (Hotel- / Locationsponsor) sowie sehr viel Arbeit.
Die zahlreichen Präsente / "Huldigungen" zeigen, dass Dein Engagement nicht unbemerkt bleibt.

Persönlich habe ich die letzten beiden Jahre mehrere Shows besucht. In meiner Wahrnehmung sind die Cards das Bindeglied, rücken aber mehr in den Hintergrund. Es sind das Gemeinschaftserlebnis und der persönliche Kontakt. Und jede Show verläuft anders und es tauchen neue Gesichter auf. Und damit neue Highlights.

Toll, wenn Du nächstes Jahr wieder und größer was auf die Beine stellen kannst.

Ein Vorschlag: Verlinke doch den Videobericht und den Break Thread. Dann ist alles zusammen.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Danke Kiki für den grenzgenialen Bericht.
Man hat fast das Gefühl selbst dabei gewesen zu sein.

Es ist schön zu sehen, wie einem das Hobby antreiben kann.

Weiter so, ein Fan. :love:

Pfiat di (y)


Was soll man lange dazu sagen: Kiki, du bist echt eine wahre Bereicherung für das Hobby und für alle Menschen um dich herum.

Danke auch für den super Bericht und die weltklasse Convention. DU BIST HOBBY.


Wow! Einfach ein überragender Bericht. Danke für deine Arbeit und Mühe, die du in den Bericht und deine Leidenschaft für unser aller gemeinsames Hobby reingesteckt hast bzw. reinsteckst. Chapeau!!!!!


GROSSARTIG!!! WAHNSINN!!! MEGA!!! Ach eigentlich kann jeder Superlativ stehen...

Es war für mich nach 7 Jahren ein super Comeback, viele "alte" Gesichter und auch ein paar Neue waren am Start! Eine tolle Show, viel zu wenig Zeit (und Geld) aber einfach ein tolles Wochenende.

@croatiantwins - ja genau Kiki, du hast nur kurz überlegt und selbst mich überrumpelt als wir den Deal fixierten! Danke dafür, aber ich kenne es auch nicht anders von dir. :love:(y)😁


Hall of Fame
du hast gute Augen!! :)
glaub mir, ich hab das SMP mit heißen cards vollgepackt...da darf Steve Urkel nicht fehlen ;-)

jens...das comeback war sehr gelungen!1
Danke das du ein Teil davon bist!! :) Und danke für die superlativen, weiss das echt zu schätzen 🙃
und yeah, mit dem Nowitzki Deal...da gabs gaaar nichts zu warten, einfach flexen und gut ist .........vorallem war es GENAU DASdas mir da sowas von passte !!! :)

danke dir! Und Chapeau for real !!
Es kommen mehjr und mehr wieder zu den Shows, solche Recaps sind vielleicht nur so ein kleiner Happen um die Lust daraf zu erregen ;-)

hehe, danke dir Aaron..ich gebe mein bestes ein guter Kiks zu sein...ein guter Collector :)
Aber, WIR alle sind Hobby !!!
(und nicht diese Retail scheisse ;-D)

sehr fein...wenn du das feeling hast dabei zu sein, ist es genau so wie es gedacht ist!!
Danke dir Roman !...... ein Fan :)

danke dir Basti! :) Sehr gerne...und vorallem in Richtung Nele!! :)

hehe, danke dir Jörg!
Danke dir auch das du ein part davon bist - nur zusammen sind wir etwas!

Und das mit den "Huldigungen" .....erstmal HULDIGUNGEN ist soo ein krasses wort, aber das was ich hier erlebe und auch auf der National ist soooo ein geiles gefühl, wenn sich Leute damit beschäftigen, was mir gefallen könnte um mir ne Freude zu machen- finde das so surreal und weiss all das sooo zu schätzen!!

Und es stimmt..meist gehts nichtmal nur um die karten, die sind nur das mittel zum zweck!...das zusammenkommen, das abschalten vom Alltag.....sammler aus der ganzen welt treffen und einfach Spaß zu haben.....das ist sooo real und schön, vorallem wenn wir unsere sammelkarten als medium dafür verwenden können :)

<>Meine freunde, meine gemeinde...ich wünsche euch einen brisanten Tag!



Hey Kiki!
Leider konnte ich diesmal nicht dabei sein, aber dank deines geilen Recaps komme ich mir gerade vor als wäre ich mit am Start gewesen.

Can't see you fuckin' soon enough! :cool:

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