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my "Langenfeld Cardshow 2018" Recap 2018


Hall of Fame
da ist das ding endlich !!! :)

After my Cleveland and Chicago recaps- I would like to show you whats going on in a German Cardshow.
Since many many many years we are doing a very own Cardshow in my Hometown, its called:
“Langenfeld Trading Cardshow” and its already the 15th issue of it!
Every year, every time its getting bigger and bigger and we are proud to say, that it is the most important cardshow for us in Germany. Collectors from all over Europe are attending from Countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France and on – but the only big difference to a show like The National is….it doesn’t have 3-5 days….. Nope !
We are only having that show on a Saturday , starting from 10 am to 17 pm…7 hours straight powerplay pushkick….we have a hellavu time at every show….its not about just those 7 hours though, its more about the whol weekend!
Most collectors are coming from Friday to Sunday- its just like a big Party, a big come together, everybody knows everybody knows everybody and we are drinking, eating , breaking, trading, partying or do other stuff you should not really do- but oh well….
The Cardshow takes place in my mothers Steakhouse, which is about 500 metres away from my Hotel, where all collectors stay during the days.

We had our show on November, 3rd……but lets go a little bit more back in time.

On October 10th I have been really lucky in a unlucky card accident that luckily only harmed me and no one else…..- they reported about it even in 4 local newspapers and just want to mention that that crash has a big impact on me since It looks like that i will not drive a car again and wanted to bring it up, because our show is coming in 3 weeks and I can say, that I was not very good healthwise going towards it, but oh well.

But lets get it on…..
Its about 1 week before our show starts, when my good frind Nik from New York sent me a message, that he is about to book a flight straight up to us to be with us and to attend our cardshow!
We talked about it before- but I would not think that he would really really do it!!
I Mean, I am doing the same if I am flying to Cleveland or Chicago for 3 or 4 days- but like said before…it’s a 7 hours 1 day show- but still, its high lvel, and oh well- …
NICK REALLY BOOKED a flight to be a full whole week with us!!

I have been excited to say the least- we have so many great collectors in germany and whole Europe that are traveling to us with cars, trains, airplanes…but if I remember right it is actually the first timefor someone to come from the United States with the idea to visit our show…and I loved it! And why not…its like the nike Kaepernick commercial- JUST DO IT !!

So Nick was supposed to come Wednesday, October 31st…..in the evening.

During the day I have been busy to prepare him a nice room for his stay, to get him the nwest Playboy issue, a bottle of whisky and other usefull stuff, cause you cannot let a brother stay without essentials

His room

Its been HALLOWEEN evening and my twinbrother Ivan (the famous artist) has a big restaurant and on that day he had a BIG party going on!
Nick arrived on time at around 8 pm ..straight from the airport!
Have been really happy to welcome him in my place and – that’s been awesome !”!

But we were kinda in a hurry- ivan had his party going on and its been safe to say, that we are heading to it too!
We gotta show Nick whats going on here in Germany!!

We entered the Location and its been crowded

We found a quiet corner for some meals and drinks

But at At first some drinks

We had a good time- everybody had Halloween costumes, but I remember that the first word that he said about Germany Halloween “ that’s cute”
Nick if from NY- I guess when they dress for Halloween that really really serious looking….but I kinda agree about german Halloween- thre is fake blood and all that stuff, but it doesn’t have that costume level of pettiness that us Halloween has for sure.

Ivan has been pretty busy so we left after 2 hours …..

But when ivan spotted nick at the end, h gave him a last sign….

Its been about time to sleep so we went to bed…

Thursday, November 1st.

Its been a national day in Germany so we had some time to chill and relax- nick had a long trip and night so he slept a little bit longer…

When he wok up, we conquered his room to chill with him too..with my 2 brothres ivan and marijo.

Nick has a crazy collection…like for real insane…and I have been surprised to see how many cards he took with him to Germany ! I would always have some issus with customs, but Nick is so chilled out…just like nike- Just do it!!

We are trashtalking, discussing cards …then we went to my place….

A good friend of mine, Chris who collects Dennis Schröder came to attend our company too

The most of the day we were really chilling and not doing that much – but we made a nice pic, nick, ivan and me….

During the day- some collectors already checked in for our cardshow!
Patrick came with his wife and lovely children early that day and even my guys Flip aaka Pip´hoe and Helge (you know the from Cleveland Recap) came over to attend the Party too and to get it poppin like they are supposed to.

And went to mcdonals later that night

Nick made a pic....

Meanwhile i ve made a pic too

The invoice!

Friday, November 2nd

Aiiiiiight, so- I am running a Hotel, right….and my Hotel is filled up with my everyday guests but EVEYBODY checked out on Friday morning since we needed EVERY room we could find for the collectors…we are speaking about 41 rooms in total !
Some double rooms and 3 bed rooms too – its looking to be a very long day to me, since I wanted to check in every collectors personally…I know them all and in my booking s I wrote some guys in with real names, with usernames…and stuff, so its better to take care of it by myself alone.

Its been about 6 month ago, when I have been in Vienna (Austria) to attend a collectors meeting the first time – I had a great time thre andmentioned that they might come to us one day too…and oh well, they DID !!!
TEAM AUSTRIA arrived about 8 am in the morning and they were already hyped up (regarding drinks and stuff) so I knew they will have a good time with us !! :-D

Austria in back…Markus, Jürgen, Geri

More and more came and the lobby filled up fast….

Basti aka bastibohne attended our show for the first time too…ivan came up too , so basti showed a little bit off.

Especially his Schrempfs are INSANE !!

Look- usually Ivan would not come over that early to me, but like I said before- my car is dead and I am not able to drive anymore, so I askd him if he can get me some stuff I need for the hotel….

So he decided o take NICK with him, so that he can show Nick how a german market looks lik (but especially of course to have a helping hand )

So they came back after like 3 hours and othr guys arrived meanwhile too- ..Thomas (from Switzerland), and basti were happy to help with the carriying…

So, more and more guys are checking in……

Meanwhile more and more of them enjoying them selfes already in our Restaurant 8especially the BAR)

While having a small break and a lunch, I sat down with Basti aka Bastibohne …because, he came to me for a visit about 2 months ago…he took some cards with him and after checking them out it looked like he might be willing to move some gems that I had my eye on.
WHe has let me know what he really likes to have and stuff……I mean like everything is possible, but back then- we ended up with it, that h has left the 3 cards that I liked at my place !
We are seeing each othr at the upcoming show and we decided to see what we can do with them and if we can finalize a trade….
Well, we had a lunch and I have decided to step away from the reception for a few mniutes and to go up to my apartment (its in the Hotel building) right now with Basti to see whats possible.

Basti is a great and chilled out guy- I know that I want some true gems from him so I am more then happy to come up with true pc cards too…he is bleeding, so I am bleding too, aiight.

Actually, we had a fast, good and fair trade for both of us…and I have just done the first trade of the show !!

I ended up with

1999-00 SP Authentic Sign of the tims Gold Tracy McGrady /15 (he pulled it just about 3 months ago !!)

2000-01 Fleer Autographics Gold Dirk Nowitzki /50

And the big one !

1998-99 SPX Finite Spectrum RC Parallel Dirk Nowitzki ..08/25

And our pic!

Thanks basti !!

After that trade, I have been at the reception all the time- nothing too big to mention there…I could only say what happened in front of m at the lobby

Some friends came over…Kira, Sachicko (ivans girlfriend) and GASPER !!! (he came straight outta Slovenia for th very first time to our show and drove 12 hours with his car to see whats going on with that show!)

Of course, Ivan has been there too! Check that cap…did you know that the Rapper Rick Ross stole 2 of my brothers artworks?? (if not- google Ivan Beslic rick ross)

Rozay cap

Jörg aka wormsmaennel attended our show for the first time too- a very well known collectors in Germany… he heard about my brother and his art and Jörg gave Ivan a small surprise present , a jean Michel Basquiat ticket!

The whole day I was happy to welcome everybody…..the whole guys from Berlin, from very corner of germany….from all those different countries- we are just having a good time – and this time there were so many guys, that attended it for the very first time !!!
Nice to see that we are getting bigger and bigger.

There is one guy, that really inspired me through all those years of collecting and there are some similarities that connect us collectors wise…we have met for the very first ime in Los Angeles during, Kobes vry last game…we have met us again 1 year later at his Jersey Retiremet Ceremony in LA again too…met in Berlin, in Chicago…and now what do you think who is coming to attend our show for the first time too??
Yup- he is called Spinotron !
I could not say how happy I was to have him with his family, I my place and to show him a little bit of my world…..to have all these guys together in such a small place was just soo nice !

Our first group selfie at the lobby!

Now its been already around 10:30 pm and I still HAVE TO PREPARE the location!
Its been Friday and of course my mothers steak house is crowded on a day like that- the only time to prepare it when most guests are gone…so ivan drove me to the restaurant and started setting it up

It is a small show- we do not have big boopths and stuff like that…if you want to have a “Table” you can have a table (like a normal table)…the good thing is- its not like 1k+ like a National, a table is only 10€ (12 dollar) and that it.

When we came back, we were chilling in front of the Hotel…ivan amir nick…

Selfie with dem boys

And a nice gang pic! Amir, Spin, Ivan, chris, Nick…do you feel the realness??)

Its been late…but I decided to take Spinotron to my place for a small chillout and I have shown him a little bit of my stuff…

But its been late and its been time to go to bed……..

Saturday, November 3rd.


I have been the last- and I have to be the first one too!

While doing the early bird I have been ready to go- show starts at 10 am……”dealers “are able to prepare their tables from 9 o clock- its been 8:30 am when my guy Chris picked me and Nick up to drive to the location.

Made a last pic of the table at the lobby

On the way to it, I saw the Austrian Guys stepping to the Location already !

I have opened the doors, put the lights on and LETS GET IT ON !!!

Nice to see, when Nick connected with 2 other US Guys, Eddy and Tex (that are living in Germany)

Meanwhile the Austrian guys arrived….

Now….here are some random show pics !!!

At first- I have been proud of my good friend Chris, who started collecting Trading cards about 1-2 years ago and who is really into it at the moment…he wanted to have a own table for the very first time at my show so I gtave him the very best place in the building….right in the middle of everything to showcase his sick schroders he has so far !!

Enjoy !

And me and my showcase

Nick came over with sooo many cards that are worth to showoff- that’s why I gace him one of my showcase boxes to represent there too!!

Nick ivan dr. phil

Don daniele

One view...

Another view


Hall of Fame
Part 2

Hotbox Berlin

Nick and bolli meet for the first time

Team Austria

Spinotron and bolli

Familie Ott

Jürgens ewins

Ivan and sachiko

Steve is showing Nick a card…..

After that Steve came to me !
He has a card that he had last year with him at our show too- I have very very interested in getting it but somehow it did not worked out.
I have been glad to see that he still had it with him this year and that he is willing to might give it away……well, I have been in a total different mood and my showcase has been stackd with personal collection cards which might be available for the right card…and he has on that I really really like so I had to go for it!!!

After some negoations I decided to part ways with a card that I just traded for in Cleveland with Justin and where I thought I would never give it away…but oh well…after giving up pc cards to Basti before..i kept on going…..

I have ended up with this beauty…

2004 UD Ultimate collection auto jersey /25

And this BAD BOY!

I just love it…its handnumberedand I really like handnumbered cards…and its gold, so I like it even more.

2003-04 UD Ultimate Collection Signatures GOLD Michael Jordan /23

And our pic…gotta tell that some cash has been involved too, but I guess we are both satisfied!

Thanks steve!

Iconic picture
My father, Ivan, Nick, Spinotron

When we have a cardshow, my father makes sure to always be there too- he supports us with it and especially when he arrives- its about breaking some boxers !!

In earlier shows he already got kobe, wade, irving, curry autos…this time he has tried to go with Preferred and Gala !!


Then one of my favourit guys came over….you can either love him or hate him….but oh well, I kinda lovehate him- such a great guy.
We are always trying hard to trade something but our mentality and card preferences are IDENTICAL and none of us wants to lose a pc card to another one if he is not really really bleeding…that’s why its always fun.

So bolli and amir came over

…For a huge trade

And still checking

And we ended up with a rather small trade for us ..”only 500 dollar”..i gave up a Nowitzki prizm black auto 1/1 and got a Iverson 98 autographics…but always fun to battle with him!!

Bollis trade was ok….....but actually I found a better company to trade with !!

Kids are cool with me - so i kept going ;-)

I ve ended up here with those..thanks pattes

Spin and me


Don daniele


One of Ivans artworks

Then we had some guys who offered SELF Made Packs…


It’s a no Brainer to takes some packs too…I did it and I received….

And 2 HITS…Especially that BARKLEY NOIR /15 !!!

Stan received a Kidd Jersey in a smp !!

And we even got a LONZO autographed one from Hotbox Berlins SMP

Cannot go wrong with that!

Slovenia aka Gasper

Since Ivan has some of his art showcase, my boy Flip aka Pip´hoe was flexing hard

A big german Nowitzki Collector, Jan, came with some of his Nowitzki cards…..
And me, I had some of my Kobe cards with me too….

So there is a set called- 05/06 Topps style ´52…and if you put Jans Nowitzki Superfractor 1/1 next to mine Kobe Bryant Superfractor 1/1 …it looks just likethat!

2 superfractors are sick to see…but what when a third guy comes in to play with us….HOLGER has been there too and Holger actually completed the WHOLE 05/06 Topps Style ´52 GOLD Refractor /25 set !!

So i´ve paired my 1952 Mantle to his Topps style ´52 mantle /25

…or Jan and I just paired up our Nowitzki and Kobe to his golds /25…killer page !!

The best thing about the show so far has not even be posted yet.
Look, its been show numbr 15 so far…if you are a dealer you pay 10€ per /table…and sually we have around 25 tables- that’s 250€ …in the last 14 shows we took that money to make a kind of lottery to win prizes…this time we have changed up everything!
Lottery and stuff are not that necessary- so we decided to get some cashflow together for a good cause- so we decided to go for it!
We wanted to support the “Kinder Hospiz Sonnenhof, Björn Schulz Stiftung” in Berlin, since we have own of our great members Frank, that has his Child that receives a special medical treatment in that Hospital…so we decided to raise funds for it.

So we have placed a sign about it next to my table


That’s that box that takes every kind of money…….we were lucky that our Ladies Diana and Sachiko took personal care of it and were able to get some extra cashflow in

Frank, Holger and me……actually Holger had the idea about that whole issue- its th very first time we have done thatand you can be sure this thing will happen evry time now…getting money for good causes…the moment Holger gave Frank the box has been very sentimental- he was unbvelievable happy and thankful about our effort, about every Euro given…and we are glad that we all could help on it, Frank 😊



Hall of Fame
Part 3

A couple of days, after the show, Frank has sent me this picture of him and the Hospitals Lady, giving here a total of more then 700 Dollar !!

That worked out perfectly !!

Soooo- at this moment, it has been 6 pm and the show ended…buzt only in my mothers Steakhouse!
Most of us went back to the Hotel, take a short break, or went to dinner ….

Me too- I went home to chill a lil bit…with ivan, chris, basti, diana, ivan and nick…..

Ivan nick looking out for some drinks in my kitchen.

Meanwhile other collectors took over my breakfast room togo on with trading and breaking!....

While some were here, some where there…Jörg came over to my place to blow me away with his cards…and IT IS INSANE !
Look…if you are getting Binders full of Nowitzki cards WITHOUT any missing cards…that’s like next level Sh!t !
I truly enjoyed every page, every base, parallel- that’s perfection…


What a great moment to pair up his spectrum rc with mine (that I received a day before)
07 -& 08/25

Nowi fleer trio

Nowitzki is like complete…..Schrempfs are Complete- the funny thing that he has the very samy thing regarding DENNIS SCHRÖDER- it truly is insane !

While we were chilling there, Ivan and Jörg, by the way, agreed about a deal- but its not about cards.
Jörg wanted to get him a artwork for his home by Ivan and chosed a very wisely piece !

Ivans Homer

Both together!

Congrats Jörg !

Then spino came over to be with us later that evening…..

Now I will show you something I have never posted Online so far…my very very first Kobe Binder from 1998…I was like 12/13 years old and kobe was my favourit guy….i am very proud of it!
So I wanted to show Spin´ how I started everything!

Here it is…..

Inner cover

Actually..everytime there was a cool pic or article of kobe in a magazine I ve cut it out and placd or glued it into my binder…

Kobe juwan Duncan


Look- I showed spinotron every page of it…but suddenly, he went kinda hyped about 1 page…at first I did not realized whats happening, but I have got it very quickly…….

Its about this here…..

THIS is one of the most iconic Kobe pictures out there…I have cut it out of a german basketball magazine of January 1998 (called XXL Mag) and it shows the PIC, that has been used for Kobes 97/98 metal universe base (aswell as the Red /100 and green /10 !!!)
Spinotron has all of them , but what I did not knew was, thjat he was looking for that original picture for years and now we has it right in front of him…in my very first binder!...
That’s crazy !!

Me spin together and I can proudly say, that I have never seen him THAT (sooo much) happy !!

That was a magical and satisfying moment!

To celebrate it, we took a selfie with Pipo´s “Cinderella”shoe, that he lost in a bush nearby after a very drunkfull night near my hotel.

And to go on…pipo, ivan, spinotron, Sachiko and me had a very very funny Break of 05/06 Topps stryle ´52

That has happened a few days after chris paul puked at rajon rondo in a game…..

That’s why I took care of his rc cards …….

I am not sure if you are following me on Instagram (@croatiantwins) if not, it could not be bad since I am posting so many videos of all those funny moments on my story very often 😊
And yeah….we received a BLUE REFRACTOR LEBRON JAMES /149 !!!

Great box!!

Its been very late already, but I still had one move left in that day!
When they were all gone- a friend a highly respected collector came over to see whats possible !

Talking about AMIR !....he is not selling, he is a trade only guy- and he has soooo nice cards! There are some that heavily attracting me since years, I am trying to make moves for them every time but so far it did not worked out…….
Well- things changed…I have traded so many personal cards away and said to me, that I could have whatever I like if I put the right cards available….and well, I did it…..

Amir is BFF with Bolli…amir wanted to have Bolli with him to discuss a trade…BUT HEEEELL NO !
Bolli would rip me of on this one…2 vs 1 is too much after such a long day- so I have decided to go 1 on 1 …alone in my hobby room…chose whatever the F… you like in the whole room so that I could get the cards that I like from him….

And well- we did it !!°

I have ended up with those 2 co signers…and that Kevin Johnson game jersey !!

Amir has some cool cards of some very cool players…what about one of the guys I always enjoyed to watch!!

2005 Ultimate collection Logoman auto Bobby Jackson 1/1

Or what about!!

1997-1998 Fleer Ultra Masterpiece RC Bobby Jackson, PSA 1/1 !!!

Those are insane…but he had one card that was sooo special that I wanted to own it!!

And now , welcome home !!

2005 UD SP Game Used Materials Extr. LTD. TAG _ JERSEY _ PATCH Hakeem Olajuwon 1/1

Tic….tic….tic….BOOOOOM !!!

Thanks Amir !!

Sunday, 4rd November

Gotta start the day early again since most of our collectors gotta check out early…..its about to go home !!

While checking out out, we needed to make some pics!

While checking out, I ve made a very very quick deal with Tobse for a Nowi auto jersey

And also the Austrian Guys needed to fly back to Vienna-…but I could not let them go without making a very quick deal with Geri too !!!

For a lebron james chronology timeless memories auto 06/99

Thank you and especially to all you Austrian giuys that you made it happen- such a fun with you !!!

Then while having a last lunch with Benny and Thomas from switzerland…its sure it cannot stop, so I have obtained 2 more nice cosigners from chefbenny !

Clyde juwan and malone starks

Everyone gone……just look at that trash can outside!
Too many boxes were busted !!


The show came to an end and we had a hellavu time…sooo much fun…so many great takes and just everything….but wait…on guy was still around…….

NYs finest NICK !!!

He had sooo many nice cards with him…I tested waters early on some of them…Nick is such a great guy and NO WAY that I have done deals with soooo many guys but Nick !!

So I was about to take him next!

My whole focus changed totally….about what I want from him…TOTALLY, because 1 day earlier I have received 1 card that wanted me to get his card of that SAME SET1
I KNEW IT WOULD NOT BE EASY ; that’s for sure…but in my home, with my home court adventage and if I set some of mine available… LETS TALK !

So…Nick and i…both in my Hobby room…I have closed the door….and lets get it on!

I mentioned that I really really want THAt card- but you could really really tell, that he doesn’t want to give it away !, forreal!!

So its that thing…if you are bleeding cardwise, I am bleeding to go for it!
I know what I want from him so I started strong…we had a heated up trade talk that went for more then 2 hours…..but like I said…home court adventage, I chosed to put in some additional items to make it happen somehow, and he truly liked that direction!

I pulled out my 120+ 90s basketball boxes…

And why not put some of them into that deal too!
Again, a heated up discussion started and in the end he ended up with those 4 boxes…..

And of course a couple of other crazy cards which I thought I would never gave away….but you never know !

Me, I have ended up with a total of 3 cards!

1997-98 skybox autographics Charles barkley bgs 9

2006- Ultimate Collection signatures Lebron James BGS 9

And ooooh boooooy !!

That main card that I kinda needed, and which is the keypiece to the biggest valued Trade I have ever done in my life !

2003-04 UD Ultimate Collection Signatures RC Gold Lebron James /23 BGS 9.5 / 10

This one is sooo stunning, that trade was sooo much fun and I appreciate it !
Thank you Nick !!

And please capture this…
ISN´t iIT Crazy, that I have received both, the Lebron Gold /23 and the MJ gold /23 in 2 trades of 2 separate collectors in our small Langenfeld Show- that’s kinda very special and like NATINAL Style regarding of that quality of cards we had in there !!


So, Sunday came to and end and Monday has been more chilled day….
We chilled our day at the end in a nice Japanese Restaurant in Düsseldorf

After the restaurant, Nick and I actually chilled at my home- I have so many boxes at hom so we went to break some immaculates!

Great Pull with a Donovan base rc /75 and a fox auto patch 01/25

Tuesday, November 6th

At first, Nick, ivan and I got us some cake….

Nick wanted to see those flowers…

Ivan and nick

Nick bought a cool Langenfeld shirt for his sister!

Then we went on, sinc he wanted to check some artworks from him from my brother!

And of course, Nick has liked many pieces which he obtained too…he doesn’t only have a good taste in cards, but in artworks too !

The Time with Nick came to an end and I gotta admit that its been pure fun and joy to have him with us for a full week…most stuff we did is not even posted, but be sure we had a lot of fun!!
Coming for a visit to NY soon and YOU can show me how its done in your area..

One last mention goes out to Nick a piece of history to me.
He carved a Bear (like the Logo of my Hotel) for me of Pinewood, painted, burned and everything it – put it in his baggage (and it took more thn half of it) and delivered it to me as a present!!

Just look at it!!

That’s sooo awesome and I truly appreciate that masterpiece Nick !!

At the end of the show…basti aka bastibohne purchased a artwork of ivan too and he already has it on the wall!

The whole show has just been so much fun and I hope that everyone that witnessed it, had the same joy as I did.
If you have not been at one in our shows, please consider it……especially if you live in Europe!

At the end- one last shoutout to the Slovenian Collector Gasper, who came with his brother and to be with us during the weekend too- they had a professional camera with them and made some awesome pictures!

One last pic has to be posted- and that’s the 5 pm group pic of those, who werer still left to the end…

Thank you for your time and that you took some effort to read all that, I hope you ve enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas and Happy >Holidays and see you soon !! 😊



Wie man es von dir gewohnt ist, ein super unterhaltsamer "recap" mit vielen DREAM-CARDS :D(y)(y)(y)
Nach einem shaky Start von dem du dich hoffentlich schon einigermassen erholen hast können, ist die Show wieder (ein sichtlicher :D) Erfolg gewesen, deshalb weiter so:cool:

Happy holidays!
Danke für den tollen, ausführlichen Bericht. Und Danke für die Organisation des Events.(y)
Da wird mir in der Rückschau die Vielfalt der Cardshow erst bewusst. Was im kleinen D und kleineren Langenfeld so alles an Cards an diesem Tag vorhanden ist.
Sicher kein National, aber klein, sehr sehr fein und Oho!(y)(y)(y):cool:

Frohe Weihnachten!:)


Wie immer, sehr toll zusammen gestellt Kiks! Kein National...aber es scheint ein Tüpchen besser zu sein :cool::geek:!!
Gut zu sehen, dass der Bollinator auch da war!

LG, Laurent


Hall of Fame
danke dir, definitiv gehts so weiter :-9

@Laurent danke dir...und yeah, bolli war da- einige waren da...würde mich freuen dich das nächste mal auch am stizzle zu sehen :)
National mässig ists noch nicht zu 100% doch geben wir unser bestes! konnte mir bereits 2 mal einiges von denen abschauen und dieses jahr in chicago werde ich wieder mehjr abschauen gehen :)

@wormsmaennel danke dir jörg! und vorallem auch das du mit uns dabei warst!
eine wahre bereicherung! :)
wenn ich berichte, dann nicht nur um cards sondern übers gesamte packet :)

@Hubi danke dir ! und yes- dream cards en masse- und das tolle das ich mir da einige ertradn konnte!
Ansonsten geht und wird alles besser und besser :)



Vielen Dank Kiki für deinen tollen Recap. War ein super Veranstaltung :)
Den Berichten diverser Member bei Blowout ist die National im Bereich Basketball nicht halb so toll und emotional wie das Langenfeld Event.


Hall of Fame
ich bin immer so mies im zurückschreiben...das dauert mir immer so lange :-/

yeah- egal wie lange es gedauert hat...immer stück für stück intravenös

danke dir- und es ist in der tata sehr toll was hier alles irgendwo schlummert, das kann sich wahrlich sehen lassen :)

danke dir- und yes! gerade bi Nowitzki waren dieses Mal auch 3 Mowi supercollector (Jörg, Jan und Basti) am stizzle- unglaublich, vorallem hatte die auch die kompletten Sammlungen zum zeigen mit dabei !!

auf jeden! Safe- das würdest du mit sicherheit auch nicht bereuen :)

@aw8275 und genau so soll es sein- mittendrin, statt nur dabei :)

yes!! jeter pros and prospects autoi jersey 02/02 by nick!!...pure sickness :)

danke dir auch das du mit dabei warst! jeder der kommt und dort ist, gibt der ganzen show noch mehr energie!
Die National ist schon heftig- bei uns ist es halt alles sehr konzentrierter, da es nur 7 stunden andauert und auch nur eine kleine location ist, daher sind die meisten in den paar stunden sehr aktiv am rasten...in der national kannst du da in 4 tagen halt gechillt deine runde ziehen ohne stress :)

@Playmaker9 yeah- thanks for reading it :)


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