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Looking for.... Pau Gasol / Inserts sets and Dallas Mavericks autos


Must send first
Hello all,

I am looking for all Pau Gasol cards...

Also looking for the following Inserts sets. Below the list of missing cards I need....

Panini Aficionado, Global Reach.



1997-98 Z-Force - Slam Cam


- Kobe Bryant
- Tim Duncan
- Michael Jordan
- Shawn Kemp
- Antonio McDyess
- Joe Smith

97-98 Topps Bound of Glory

- Michael Jordan
- Karl Malone
- Hakeem Olajuwon
- Robert Parish
- David Robinson
- Dennis Rodman
- John Stockton
- Dominique Wilkins

97-98 Skybox Ex2001 Stardate

- Shareef Abdur Rahim
- Ron Mercer

1994 Flair USA Basketball


199/2000 Fleer Force Attack Force

Looking for:
Michael Finley
Shawn Marion

2000/2001 Fleer Premium Sole Train


2016 - 2017 Studio Rock Solid

Joel Embiid
Russell Westbrook
Kyle Lowry
Eric Bledsoe

I am looking for the Dallas Mavericks championships roster autos.

Alexis Ajinça
J.J. Barea
Rodrigue Beaubois
Corey Brewer
Caron Butler
Brian Cardinal
Tyson Chandler
Brendan Haywood
Dominique Jones
Jason Kidd
Ian Mahinmi
Shawn Marion
Steve Novak
Dirk Nowitzki
Sasha Pavlović
DeShawn Stevenson
Peja Stojaković
Jason Terry

Some of them didn't sign any Mavs card, I will accept also with some other teams.
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