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HOTBOX Berlin Recap


Hall of Fame
aaaand another one !

Friday, 28th September
so- I am trying to attend every card related show and meeting where I see a possibility that I might be able to attend it.
Doesn’t matter if I have to pay a lot of cashflow to get there (like Nationals” or if I am spending a lot of time in my car (within Germany) – well, if its possible somehow I will sure make it happen somehow.
So, I have been busy the whole week and I am not that much able to do plans so much in advance, thanks to my work, but last Friday I saw a possibility to attend a collectors meeting and I checked every possibility do be there.
I have a friend in my hometown, Chris, and Chris collects Dennis Schröder cards.
I called him on Friday and asked him if he is working on Saturday and he said no…so I just checked if he would like to come with me to BERLIN the next day!
Well, he thought about it and that has been kinda huge……but keep on reading…
We have 1 real trading Card Store left in Germany , that store is named “HOTBOX” and is located in Berlin!
That’s about 500 miles away from me- so if I would choose the car to get there, I would be driving 10 hours (there and back), that’s kinda a lot to attend a collectors meeting…but oh well.
So I have checked some flights and saw a perfect one!
There is an airport located 25 miles away – there has been a flight aroung 6:30 am to Berlin and about 22:00 PM back to us for a very cheap price ! so I have contacted Chris and told him about that flight and after a couple of minutes he called me and said , he is in !”!!
That’s a huge thing for me and I ven more for Chris, he is a very good friend of me and actually he NEVER took a flight in his life before ! (he is 29) and that’s why I have been more then happy that he decided to just do it !! (Kaepernick style)

Saturday, 29th September
Our Day started very early but with a lot of positive vibes! We did all those security checks and I was glad when I saw that they took Chris aside to check him for drugs and stuff …cause, Why not!?
First time that he is going through all that so its better to get the full program, aight? :)
Well- of course he had a window seat so he could have the best look at the clouds…the flight has been kinda short and smooth with just about 50 minutes and everything went well.


He was sleeping anyways…..

So we landed in Berlin! One of those most famous cities in the world with so many attractions and stuff to see! We had a plan to do some sightseeing at first and crash that Collectors meeting at Hotbox at 3 pm (that when that meeting started) …so we were chilled the F out and went into the city to see some attractions.
We wanted to see that famous BRANDENBURGER TOR first, but unfortunately half Berlin has been blocked.
The President or Turkey, Mr. Erdogan came to Berlin for a 3 day visit and it has been the highest security scale in town which means that thousand of police and cops were on the streets and they literally closed some parts and blocks of Berlin due to security issues- Mr. Erdogan and Germany do not have such a smooth relationship at the moment and there has been a lot of demonstrations and stuff like that going on, but oh well…..
Anyways- we wanted to see that Brandenburger Tor- but since we could not get there we decided to go to that highest spot, The FERNSEHTURM and to see Berlin in Bird-eyes….

Chris with the Berliner Bär…

That view

After we did that WIDE-Seeing- we took some breakfast…..

Chilled our lives on the streets …….

And Chris got it poppin at the trash can….

The big world watch

We were chilling A LOT ACTUALLY


And there…..

And went shopping…cause, we still had a lot of time !.
We decided to go to the famous KURFÜRSTENDAMM – the main shopping street in Berlin..doesnt matter, what you are looking for, it’s a safe bet to find it there!

And that’s a MUST HAVE !!!

Well, so we are in berlin- such a nice city to be ….we are about 2 hours away of That collectors meeting in Hotbox which has been supposed to start at 3pm and I have been really excited about that!
I made sure to post nothing on my social media accounts about me being there, cause I literally wanted to surprise everybody there !
Just crash the whole party- I like that surprise thing!
And until 1 am it really went well, since Chris and I have been totally undercover in Berlin.
Well, speaking of undercover- there is always a lot of stuff happening behind those walls….
I am not sure if he made it very public, but one of the most well known names in the hobby actually moved to Berlin for work!
A guy which I have ever been a fan of many many years and I really admire his passion and collection …cause he is like “next Level” – well, atleat to me !”
With that being said , well- that guy named SPINOTRON ! is in Berlin too !

Its safe to say that we gotta meet up asweel..anmd why not combine everything together?
So Spin´ has taken that Saturday off too to be able to hang out with us and to crash that Hotbox Meeting too !!
We agreed to met up in front of “Nike Town” in Berlin and to do some shopping first – its been already our 5th meeting so far and every meeting is kinda special….

1st meeting:
Los Angeles (Kobe Bryant last game with 60 points)
2nd meeting
Bochum, Germany (work related)
3rd meeting
Chicago (The National 2018)
4th meeting
Los Angeles (kobe Bryant Jersey Retirement)
5th meeting
…Berlin….. (crashing that Hotbox!)

Like you can see, doesn’t matter where- we meet up worldwide :)

Well, we went into a nice Restaurant, called Vapiano and had some nice Pasta…..

The night before-he wrote me if I am able to take some of my private PC cards with him, since he likes to see them in person…and heeeeell yeah, gotta take some of those with me ….

Well, you can expect, that if I am taking some stuff with me that he will come loaded too..he showed me some gems…like Those cards that you only see on TV :-D …stuff that I really appreciated to see cause it is precious…and actually, the very last of those blow me away !”

For me, as a kobe collector it has been sooo spedial to hold that card in my hand !..aka in my glove!
One of the hottest 90s Kobe cards out there and I told him at the table already that this has to be the sickest kobe card that I actually hold in my hands since 21 years, which is just unreal !!

Take a look….

Do you feel the realness????
(i respect that card and him bringing it to me so much that i have put his name all along it ..thats like holy grail stuff for me :-D )

Do you feel the realness????
So after a nice meal, some nice talks about everything..we ended up with that selfie….

And called us a UBER cause its about time to CRASH THAT HOTBOX Collectors meeting !!

Its been 5 minutes past 3 pm and we told the Uper driver to stop 50 metres ahead of that HOTbox store, so he did! Did not wanted to crash the party in front of the door, we wanted to slowly move up there like a cat on honey to get it poppin with my crutches….

Well, while steeping into that direction, a guy very familiar to me stepped into our direction and we into his direction….we looked at each other, and he shouted out!

“Kiki!!! What are you doing here ????”

Its been David aka JGDMSP !! Big D has been surprised to see us there and we told him that we want to crash that meeting :-D
He just wanted to get something of the car and be right back- so we moved ahead and came to the doors of Hotbox !

Kai, the owner spotted us from the start and yelled WTF are we doing here !!! :-D

So here we are ! The place to crash the party !!!! :-D
They were literally surprised to see us there and were glad that we came along – gotta make it happen!
Spinotron has not been at the Hotbox store so far, so he has been able to met Kai (the owner) and other guys like Alex aka alexbo too……
There has not been much going on at 3 pm since most are still to come- but well, we did it and crashed that meeting :-D
While speaking with Kai about my upcoming Langenfeld Cardshow in about 1 month, Spinotron spotted a card at the desk which got his attention!
A sharp:
97-98 metal universe precious metal gems red damon stoudamire /100 !!”

Daaaaaaemn it !! I would have picked it up for myself too, cause its pmg and Damon and you cannot go wrong with that, but been glad that he picked up a nice one from the start for his pc !

Well, since I have been looking at the cards now too I have spotted a IVAN RAKITIC autograph !!
No way that I will miss that one, so I have asked for the price and he replied that it’s a gift for the long arrival !!

Thank you kai !!! :)

Chris and Spin´ checked out the store while Kai prepared some tables in the back….


Hotbox is a great store and he has a lot to offer, we were sitting artound, talking a bit when Kai pulled up with SEVERAL type of 1$ boxes (not really 1 $ stuff) but boxes to go through and its been spinotrons and mine mission to checkthose boxes out !!
They were loaded with legacys, rubies, credentials, atomic refractors, exquisite base cards- like the coolest stuff for real and we had soooo much fun to go through all these boxes!!

We pulld out Everything that has been interesting for us, which has been a lot!

and stuff like that has been in there too!
03-04- skybox L.E. photographers proof signature rc of chris bosh and kyle Korver …both numbered 08/25.
Both are rc parallels and both cards carry signatures of the guys that made the pic that is pictured on the front..how cool is that??
Since spinotron likes to pair things up, and since number 8 is a important number in the Kobe Universe, we have decided to get us those 2 cards, one goes to him and one to me- to pair something up too !!

More and more guys came over…..

The energy has been great, everyone has been chilled and relaxed and just having a good time…soccer games were visible of the tv screen´s which attracted many of those too

While being in the Hotbox, it’s a sure shot to break something! So I have decided to try the latest Goodwin !!

And YES !!!!
Besides very cool looking cards, some signatures of a golf and ski guy I have received this one !!

A piece of MAP !

So my twin brother s name ios IVAN…we are from Croatia…and we are getting a card in a US box with a piece of Map of Serbia with a piece of the landscape of IVANovo ..WTF :-D

Klinda cool to find a card like that !!

Ivan gave me some stickers of course so we presented them thre too!

We had sooo many Boxes to go through!!...

There has been a cool guy named Johannes, which had a vry cool binder! Look !!

While the soccer games were still on the TV…I think we watched Liverpool…

Spin pulled up with a couple of bottle of Berliner beer !!!

I am not drinking anything very often, but oh well- sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Then a guy named Mike aka Rodman supercollector came over, and he has been loaded AF !!!

He did not even had any Rodmans with him, but ALL these boxes were loaded with MJ inserts like that !!

Like a pure overdose !!

Have put some of my twin brothers art stickers at the desk….

The Time was running fast and we had a lot of great talks, great cards and a hellavu great time! Kai ordered some Pizzas in the end…its about time to leave to the airport since that day is coming to an end, but PIZZA is priority so that comes first!

Last pis of kai and Spinotron

And we are out for good !!

… but let me show you finally my pickups !!
Mostly from those 1$ style boxes!

At first some croatian guys...

Some cool iverson jerseys and floors!!

(Did you saw that mini jersey before??)
Only Side-Pc´ing him but its cool to have some cool cards of him!

Some cool balls, nets, floors and whatever of some cool guys i like :)

That photographers signed Korver /25 and that billups atomic refractor / 100

When spinotron pulled out THIS card out of the box i had to have it !!!

I like to look at details.. it is boring to take the same pic for cards over and over again... but KINDA NOT, if its slightly different... slightly...

And a cool card to show to the young collectors!

How about a card with 2 integrated zooms lenses!

Do you feel the realness ?

Chris enjoyed it being there too and managed it to pick up some nice Dennis Schröder cards for his collection too !! Hope h will post them here too!
Are are getting back to where we have started…and its about time to get into that airplane for the 2nd time now !

That day / Trip really has been fulfilled…we had some great flight, some sightseeing, some shopping, a meet and eat with spinotron and crashed that Hotbox meeting and the time thre has been a pure Blast!

If you are in Berlin, make sure to stop at:

HotBox Berlin
Pettenkoferstraße 4
10247 Berlin

I promise you wont regret that visit !!

We have landed safely, the flight was smooth and its been a fulfilled feeling through the whole day!”
In the morning I have parked in the airport garage and after we have landed its about time to pay that parking ticket….the whole trip has been just under 18 hours and its been less then 25 euro to have my car parked there and believe it or not, ven that price fulfilled me with joy since I have expected more :)

One Last word:
Lets be active in that hobby ! support your Local card Store, try to meet other collectors and try to get around- there is always a possibility somewhere- and I am pretty sure you will not regret any collectors meeting…speaking for spinotron, chris and me, pretty sure to say that we had an awesome day!

See you soon at our LANGENFELD Trading Card Show, November 3rd 2018 !!!

Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Hall of Fame
Klasse. Bei Kai lohnt es sich immer reinzuschaun. Toller Typ mit Riesenerfahrungsschatz und aktueller Fachkenntnis. Wir haben neulich festgestellt, dass wir (unabhängig voneinander) bereits gemeinsam beim American Bowl zwischen den San Francisco 49ers und Chicago Bears gewesen sind. Mit im Stadion auf bzw. am Feld Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, William "Refridgerator" Perry, Mike Singletary und Jim Harbaugh.
An dem Tag startete die neue Bundesliga-Saison und dennoch gab es in Deutschland in keinem Stadion so viele Zuschauer wie beim American Bowl der NFL.

Jedenfalls, wie immer ein toller Bericht. Danke, Kiki :daumen::beten1:


Super Bericht kiki, schön zu sehen wie die kleine Cardboard-Gemeinde wächst und wächst.

beste Grüsse aus dem Süden :winke1:


Viel verrückter finde ich die Reaktionen der Jungs auf Blowout. Schon ein paar die nach dem Lesen meinten "ich komme auch nach Deutschland, da muss ich auch hin wenn ich in Berlin bin". :three:

Chris Black3

Für mich hat sich der Trip nach Berlin auch gelohnt:daumen::daumen:.
Der Laden und die Leute waren super, Berlin ist auf jeden fall immer eine Reise werd.

Dies sind mein neuen Schröder Cards für mein PC


a href="http://de.tinypic.com?ref=2j34f9f" target="_blank">



einzigartig und spannend wie immer.

"One Last word:
Lets be active in that hobby ! support your Local card Store, try to meet other collectors and try to get around- there is always a possibility somewhere- and I am pretty sure you will not regret any collectors meeting…speaking for spinotron, chris and me, pretty sure to say that we had an awesome day!"


DANKE, dass Du auch in Wien vorbeigeschaut hast!



Im Zug nach Langenfeld habe ich nun endlich mal die Zeit gefunden, den ganzen Post zu lesen. Bin auch immer gerne in der Hotbox und ein Besuch ist bei jedem Berlin-Besuch quasi Pflicht. Super geschrieben, danke dafür und bis später.

Und sehn wa uns nicht in dieser Welt, sehn wa uns in Langenfeld... Oder so ähnlich war das doch :).

Beste Grüße,

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