• MTOM rules:
    - When submitting phase opens, you are authorized to upload up to a maximum number of medias (configured by the admin).
    - Once submitting phase ends, voting phase starts and you will be able to vote for your preferred media.
    - At the end of the voting phase, the winner will be awarded !

dascardboard.eu Subdomain


Da es durch die Forum-Subdomain (http://forum.dascardboard.eu) immer wieder Probleme mit dem Feedback-System gab, ist diese Webadresse nun deaktiviert worden. Ab sofort ist das Forum wieder ausschließlich über http://www.dascardboard.eu/forum zu erreichen!


Because of several problems with the forum subdomain (http://forum.dascardboard.eu) associated with our internal feedback system, this web address has been disabled now. As of now, the forum is exclusively to reach about http://www.dascardboard.eu/forum!