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Belgian Trade Show -> Sports Cards & Collectibles 2.0 - 6/6/2020


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Hi guys,

My name is Alec, also known as Backinmyday_ on Instagram.
I'm a Belgian Toy & Card collector.

A few months ago they did an interview on me. If you are interested in toys/cards, and got 40 mins to spare, feel free to check it out. (its in English though)

Anyway, that's not why i'm making this post! :)
I've been back into card collecting since 2 years and i'm happy to relive my childhood hobby again. As there aren't that many collectors in Belgium like in 1994-95, i feel it's important to maintain the current community a bit.
I see that "Kiki" is doing an excellent job for Germany/Europe. (I will definately come over to the next Langenfeld show)

Last year we organised a first show near Antwerp. It was small, but alotta fun! I think we had around 15 tables and 30 visitors.
This year, we want to make it bigger!

Me and my friend rented a proper hall to host a unique event. 1 entrance, 2 shows! Vintage toys AND Sports Cards.

Sports cards: all cards are welcome, sports, non sports, stickers,...
Toys: these days there are many different kind of collector shows. We want to have a strictly vintage toy show. This means 80s/90s or older. NO funko pops, recent star wars, unlicensed t-shirts, Nintendo Wii games... stuff like that. Keep it vintage, keep it awesome!

(so everything will be in 1 hall way. We will put all toy dealers together and all card dealers together, however, you can bring both items to your table. I will bring toys & cards.)

We don't want to make any profit on this, we just want to have a nice time between collectors.
We do however, need to rent the venue, chairs, tables, cleaning service... so we are charging 15 € fee per table (approx 2M long). So, even if you don't have a ton of stuff, please consider booking a table anyway. (+ you get 2 hours early access)

Please also don't bring your own drinks & foods. We are outsourcing the food & drink department. It's a gamble for those people as well, as we have no idea how many people we can expect. So be a sport, and buy your coke & sandwich at the show. (don't worry, they will charge normal prices)

So, if you are interested or if you still have questions, send me a message or comment on the thread!
Looking forward meeting some of you guys!

Some details:
  • entrance fee (if you don't own a table): 1 €
  • price per table: 15 €
  • opening hours: 11h00 - 16h00 (9h00 setup for people who have a table)
  • parking: yes, free
  • location: Belgium, Olen (Teunenberg)
  • food & drinks: yes, available (Burgers, Sandwiches, Soda's, Beer, Water, Coffee)
  • can you bring cards & vintage toys --> yes! if you still have some 80s or 90s toys and you are looking to sell/trade/show... please bring them!
  • how to book a table: contact me! You can pay by paypal (friends) or banktransfer. You need to pay in advance, because we have to book the tables/chairs/area/... Your booking is non-refundable. If you want a table next to your buddy, let me know!



Trying to come around again. Attended the show near Antwerp last year and now Olen is just 95km from me.

An exact address would be cool as I don't see it on here.

Thanks, Holger


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@Holger: Teunenberg, 2250 Olen, Belgium

@TheRoundMound: nice! would be nice to meet you!

Bookings are open by the way, spaces are limited as we are combining 2 shows in 1 area.


Great, thanks. The rest I think will be advertised there like the first one. Will see if I can make it.



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Hi guys,

Small update, we are currently close to 100 meters filled with toys & sport cards. There is still some room left, so if you are thinking about booking a table... don't wait.
I'd love to see more card collectors out there!

PS: if you are on facebook, visit the "Vintage Toys of the Universe" page. There will be a nice vintage give away razz at the fair!

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number of gas stations in nyc


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We are currently over 50 tables of vintage toys & sports cards.
But i need more card traders/sellers/collectors. PM me if interested!

PS: a "vintage" pokémon collector has just booked as well! So non sports are welcome too!


I just watched your video and I don't know what to say... but EPIC describes it pretty accurate 😁
Actually your hobby-room is a time-machine but your avatar already told me you're aware of that haha
Keep on collecting!


Must send first
Update: we are over 75 tables... which is crazy !!!
I have a few more spots reserverd for card dealers and then we are completely full!!!
So if you have ANY intention of booking a table, now is the time.

We have vintage toys, vintage lego, pokémon, magic, yu-gioh, vintage comics and ofcourse sports cards... it will be an epic day!


Must send first
Hi guys,

I'm very sorry to anounce that we are forced to postpone our event due to Corona.
We are currently looking into a new date, probably around octobter.
Location & opening hours will stay the same.

All dealers who already made a pre-payment will be contacted personally.

More info about the new date in 2 weeks.


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