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A very interesting Kobe Bryant card....


Hall of Fame
I have posted a Kobe Card in my Instagram yesterday and wrote a small story to it and due to the messages and comments i thought it would be cool to share it here too !

Its about that:

2002-03 UD Inspirations Jay Williams RC - Kobe Bryant /275

Jay Williams was a big Thing back then..
Drafted 2002 at the 2nd spot just behing Yao and he was supposed to be the next big thing and to bring the sucess back to Chicago.
Upper Deck signed him for their products and he had sooo many dual, triple cards with Kobe and MJ ... because he was supposed to be the next big thing :)

One of his coolest cards is actually the one shown above....his dual auto with kobe /275

I am pretty sure many of you have seen this card already somewhere - it has a high print run and is actually cheap to aquire ..... and here comes the interesting part about it!

At first - lets go back to the back again

Think about the 1997-98 metal universe precious metal gems /100

90 cards were #AllREDeverything ...

...while only the first 10 serial numbered ones were #allGREENeverything

The most iconic parallel set in the basketball hobby

So - in 2002 Upper Deck had they idea to pick that concept up again- but not with a whole set, but with only 1 card out of the whole set!

Now i am going back to the roots at my very first National in Chicago 2017 ... i was struggling around when i have met the legendary Jameel aka meelypops !
He had some fire cards in his showcase but there was really only 1 that i HAD TO HAVE !!

We agreed quick and easy to trade it and he asked for a value of 750$ for it and i was more then glad to trade away my 07-08 ud chronolgy rc auto durant /99 (value 600$ ) and a immavulate jabbar auto patch /33 (value 150$) for it!

That 750$ card has been graded in a BGS 8.5 / 10 holder and somehow i liked this one better to be free so i cracked that case...

Here is still the label

You see its labeled as a bryant - williams auto, but somehow this story doesnt make sense so far since i mentioned that this kobe - jay dual is rather cheap and now we are talking about 750$ !!

The thing is that the Kobe - jay wasnt in that BGS case !!
But the label is still correct as this is the main card - but UD actually had the idea to add a very special note to this card and to give the first printed ones of those 275 a very special touch!

Its not really that first 10 & GREEN thing

But more a first 23 & MJ thing !!!

...numbered 020/275...

All numberings from 001/275 up to 023/275 were signed my MICHAEL JORDAN instead of Kobe, and Kobe took over from 024/275 to 275/275
JAY has 275 in total, 23 with MJ and 252 with Kobe!

Thats a hellavu card which literally NEVER appears but such a cool one!

A price info from a older bevkett (2007)

And that dual DUAL together

So if you are a Kobe or MJ collector, its about getting all variations but this dual with mj took a long time to find!

One last note to that 2002-03 UD Inspirations set.... they had such a great idea with those cards above but actually one of my favourit and coolest cards in my collection comes from that same set and its actually this one

#doYOUfeelTHErealness ?

Thanks for your time!



Genial...ja, das macht das Sammeln noch etwas spezieller! So ähnlich empfinde ich es bei viele Autogramme aus den Press Pass Legends Serien...da gibt es so viele Varianten von Autogrammen: Blau, Schwarz, Rot, mit Inscriptions, ohne...Macht super spass!

Danke für den Bericht Kiks!


Hall of Fame
Nice story, Danke :)

1600 on-card-Dual-AUs.... das ist ja mal rekordverdächtig. Und damals waren die beiden ja noch echte No-Names, Ginobili gar RC. Tolle Karte.


Interessant :)

Kennt ihr noch mehr aktuelle Karten, bei denen es Unterschiede innerhalb der Limitierung gibt?

Mir fallen da zB 2012-13 Absolute Heroes Autographs ein, bei denen die ersten 10 von 99 bzw 5 von 25 (?) in rot unterschrieben wurden ... Bsp:




College Player
Von dem Set, 2007-08 Press Pass Legends Center Court Cuts gibt es drei Karten mit einer Gesamt-Limitierung von /85:

2007-08 Press Pass Legends Center Court Cuts #2 Bill Russell, auf 53 limitiert (mit blau unterschrieben, von 33 -85)
View media item 15152007-08 Press Pass Legends Center Court Cuts #2A Bill Russell Red, auf 13 limitiert (mit rot unterschrieben, von 1 - 13)
2007-08 Press Pass Legends Center Court Cuts #2B Bill Russell Red#6, auf 19 limitiert (mit rot unterschrieben, von 14 - 32)
View media item 1516und somit insgesamt 85 Karten.
Leider habe ich die #2A nicht.


Nimm die hier zur Komplettierung deines Beispiels 😇

Allerdings ist meine hinten 33/85 limitiert...

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