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26.12.2010, 18:13
Box 1 - solide

Die Ray Allen ist numbered 2/10


Box 2

LeBron RC Jersey


26.12.2010, 18:58
Ich brauch die:

1995-96 Flair Anticipation 1 Grant Hill

27.12.2010, 17:27
hat auch eine Box....denke war eher durchwachsen für den Preis:

Dwight Patch /10

alles FT/FS

27.12.2010, 19:19
Ich brauch die Slam Cam & Certified Garnett.:winke:

27.12.2010, 19:28
gegen Sachen aus meinen wants oder mach nen Angebot.


27.12.2010, 22:44
Seems this is turning into the z-card-box break thread so I'll post my first 3 boxes here as well (3 more on the way)

99-00 Floor Force Shaquille O'Neal Operation Invasion
06-07 Hot Prospects Hot Materials Emeka Okafor White HOt #08/10 Patch
07-08 Hot Prospects Draft Day Postmarks Jared Dudley AU #19/50 PC Card :clap:
07-08 SPx SuperScripts Al Horford
2010 Hall Of Fame Famed Signatures Alex English #297/499 AU
09-10 Court Kings Dribble Kings Carmelo Anthony #288/299 GU
09-10 Court Kings Derrick Rose Bronze #073/149

98-99 Fleer Brilliants Shining Stars Shawn Kemp
06-07 UD Reserve Signatures Thabo Sefolosha AU
08-09 SP Rookie Threads SP Threads Pau Gasol Patch
08-09 SP Rookie Threads Signing Day Jason Thompson AU
09-10 Crown Royale Tyreke Evans RC #229/399 AU
09-10 Crown Royale Royalty Deron Williams #414/499 GU
09-10 Certified Certified Imports Steve Nash #029/500

95-96 Flair Anticipation Michael Jordan PC Card :clap:
07-08 Finest Dwyane Wade Refractor
08-09 Hot Prospects Roy Hibbert RC #364/399 AU Patch
08-09 UD Emulation Jason Kidd/Magic Johnson Dual GU
09-10 SP Game Used Four on Four Fabrics Billups/Anthony/Kleiza/Balkman//Telfair/Miller/Smith/Collins #35/99 GU
09-10 Greats of the Game Jerry Sloan AU PC Card :clap:
09-10 Certified #113 Charlie Villanueva Green parallel #1/5 :clap:

except where it says pc, alles FT :winke:

28.12.2010, 17:16
today 3 more boxes arrived, and there were 4 packs of 97-98 UD Collectors Choice and 6 packs of 08-09 MVP included as well:

95-96 Skybox Premium Standout Hobby Michael Jordan PC card :clap:
06-07 Chronology BJ Armstrong AU PC Card :clap:
07-08 Hot Prospects Propert of XL Eddie Jones #100/149 GU
07-08 Hot prospects DJ Strawberry RC AU Patch #311/599
09-10 Certified Fabrics of the Game Brandon Jennings Patch #05/25 :clap:
09-10 Court Kings Artistry Chris Bosh #129/249
09-10 Hall of Fame Famed Signatures Bill Sharman AU #433/499
2010 Greats of the Game John Stockton parallel #171/199

98-99 Topps Chrome Grant Hill Back2Back Pc card :clap:
06-07 Finest Shaquille O'Neal Refractor
07-08 Chronology Bill Wennington base AU
08-09 SP Rookie Threads Brook Lopez RC AU GU #033/599
08-09 Hot Prospects Rookie Materials Roy Hibbert AU Patch
09-10 Court Kings Masterpieces Clyde Drexler #175/299 GU
09-10 SP Game Used Four on Four Fabrics Pierce/Iguodala/Deng/James//Prince/Granger/Jefferson/Marion
09-10 SP Game Used Significance Anderson Varejao AU Gold #02/10

95-96 Flair Anticipation Shaquille O'Neal PC Card :clap:
1996-97 Skybox Autographics Anthony Parker AU
06-07 Topps Triple Threads Tracy McGrady Sepia #116/299
07-08 Chronology Corey Brewer RC Ay #70/99
07-08 Topps Letterman Greg Oden RC AU #07/19 :clap:
09-10 SP Game Used Combo Materials Garnett/Allen #329/499
09-10 Certified Fabrics of the Game Isiah Thomas Patch #10/25

highlights from the packs:
the cards in the Collectors Choice packs were completely sticking together, as if they had been wet or something. The only thing I managed to salvage were 4 Starquest: Finley (x2), Hill, Grant and a David Robinson Crash the game (in pretty poor condition)
from the MVP packs there was Game Night Souvenir Devin Harris GU, Ultimate Victory Kevin Martin (PC!) and two silver script's for the PC as well, not bad for this product.

Thx Chris for the nice packs :winke: